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Okay, what is going on here? Have i missed a piece of fandom or a piece of season 4?

Simple soda + ponies = this no biggie  


I ran into a picture randomly a couple of days ago and I really liked the idea of it. Lol just another fan thread thing I guess lulz

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The Soda Pony Kingdom is located in a land where magical soda fountains burst from the earth (chilled by underground glaciers). A strange intradimensional phenomenon means that at least one fountain corresponds to every soda found in the Human earth, This odd connection extends to the "Logos" found that symbolize every flavored fountain.


Silverhoof is a Pepsi unicorn who lives in the capitol. Although he does share a fondness for a rare Watermelon flavored fountain a few days away from the capitol. He is married to Millie, a Vanilla Pepsi Pegasus. They have twin foals, a colt named Crush (an Orange Crush unicorn), and Cherry (a little Cherry Pepsi pegasus filly).

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