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Help! I need a name for my oc...

Venomous Deers

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Help! My oc, seen in my profile picture and down below, needs a name! He's a pegasi stallion working as a private investigator. He was raised by his father and taught to keep almost emotionless and stoic after the passing of his mother at a young age. He has a secret passion for singing and music after discovering a box of his mother's old items (she was a singer) and remembered her singing to him as a colt. He's serious about his work and is willing to take almost any case that is given to him. That's all I have for now, Thanks!  


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Feather Strand

A fitting name for a pegasus with a sharp eye for detail.

I actually really like this one, but I decided on Silver Lining, which is an idiom for finding the good in some bad things and that's kinda how he got his mark haha.... his whole back story would take a little bit to explain :)

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