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Past-generations ponies in FiM?


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I'm not talking about Twilight and Applejack (G1) or Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity (G3), I'm talking about other ponies who haven't appeared in FiM, which one would you love to see?


IMO I'd love to see Toola-Roola or this pony (I don't know her name)




And why not? Posey meeting Fluttershy :squee:

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Surprise, Firefly, Posey, Glory, and Moondancer. But if we're not talking about the Mane Six...


I would really love to see Galaxy, Fizzy or Wind Whistler. Also, Cherry Jubilee, Truly, and Licekty-Split. Maybe the return of the princess ponies, too.


Also, your ponies name is Baby Rattles.

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Didn't she appear in "The Last Roundup"?


She was actually the inspiration, yeah. Quite a bit of the MLP characters were inspired from the old ones.


Thank you, I've been looking for her name since a lot :D


I knew it had to be a baby pony, since they spend all of their time with Spike.

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