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I ship:

Applejack x Caramel

Apple Bloom x Pipsqueak

Bon Bon x Donut Joe

Celestia x (Good) Sombra

Fluttershy x Discord (but also Fluttershy x Big Macintosh)

Octavia Melody x Frederic Horseshoepin

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

Rarity x Fancy Pants

Rainbow Dash x Soarin

Sweetie Belle x Button Mash

Scootaloo x Rumble

Spike x Chrysalis (if it is possible I would also make a polyamory with Fleur De Lis and Nightmare Moon (Spike x Chrysalis x Fleur De Lis x Nightmare Moon))

Twilight x Flash Sentry

Vinyl Scratch x Neon Lights

Lyra x Noteworthy


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