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Banner by ~ Sparklefan1234

I made some pony banners!


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Find me in game if you want any. (I'm giving them away for free.)

I try to log in for a while after the episode each weekend.


Edit: If you like any of these and want to make them yourself, I uploaded the recipes to http://www.planetminecraft.com/collection/18901/letseathays-pony-banners/any/?morder=order_order







LetsEatHay ԐǐЗ

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They are awesome, is there any Princess Luna ones left? On PArc MC my name is "The_Aussie_Brony"


EDIT: I changed my mc username to "CWubZ" as it matches my username here on forums

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It seems as if there's one MISSING... one that is CERTAINLY as important as the others, and is IN NO WAY lesser - especially as far as the Princesses go, at any rate!


I am almost insulted... almost...







They ARE quite good, aren't they?

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My Minecraft schedule is pretty random, but I'll try to log in for a while each weekend after the episode with banners to give away.


And I'll try to make a Discord one! :P

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