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There's this minor character from Season 7 Episode 20 of FiM named Cattail. He's a bayou pony and I fell in love with him when I watched the episode. So when I noticed I had a G1 baby fakie lying around that had the perfect body type for him, I decided, why not?

This is my first completed custom and I am completely stoked with how he came out!






How He Was Made:
- I removed the fakie's mane and tail completely, and then cleaned off the original eye paint with non-acetone nail polish remover
- I painted the base coat with acrylic paint that I mixed to create the perfect color for Cattail's body, and the painted his facial features/cutie mark on.
- I applied a bit of gloss varnish to his eyes and nostrils, and then sealed him with matte spray lacquer.
- I used yellow yarn, combed out a bit to better resemble hair, for his mane, tail, and facial hair. His mane and facial hair were glued directly to him using low-heat hot glue, and his tail was put into the old tail hole and fixed to the inside with hot glue. I then used yellow thread to tie his hair into its style.
- I made his vest out of green felt, and the symbols on it were hand-painted with acrylic paint.
- His hat, bandanna, and hair ties were all made with painted craft foam pieces that were glued together.
- His two necklaces were both made from painted elastic cord, and the brown one has three gold rings crimped around it.

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That's one cool looking pony! :dash: I have always liked G1 toys and their body structure more than modern ones. And that beard, oh gosh, this is just perfect :lol: Great job Dakota!

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