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Movies/TV Another Nightmare Moon Episode? (But wait,there’s more!)

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Yes I’d like another Nightmare Moon Episode - but with a twist

in case you haven’t read the tag,I want a horror mlp episode,starring if you guessed it,is Nightmare

I guess somewhere around this Halloween or when another Friday the 13th happens that Hasbro should have some type of jumpscare or some message at the  VERY end of an episode,telling them to prepare for Nightmare will return 

But when I mean horror,I’m dead serious,I want Nightmare go into some kind of Freddy Kruger/Slenderman mode!

Ill let Hasbro do the plot but I want them to release this episode on Friday the 13th at 3 am (no,not for those FAKE 3am videos)

now let’s discuss how this show would work,ive gave my thoughts so I wanna hear yours!

Good Day!

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Well, I’d be surprised if Hasbro allowed a TV-Y show to show Nightmare Moon doing and stereotypical horror things, weather it be killing somepony with psychological torment or knocking down a door with an axe...though that would be a great idea for a fan work, it just doesn’t seem like Hasbro would be okay with that type of thing. But yknow good for them for moving a little out of their shell and adding a jump-scare! :D That’ll be good.

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Eh, I wouldn't be a very big fan of it. For starters, Nightmare Moon is like the least scariest of all the villains. Secondly, it'd be such an incredible shift in tone that the end result would just be silly, regardless of how scare it was. I mean, who can take the anything serious that contains the both the words "MLP" and "horror".

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