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Rocket to Insanity recreation


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Recently I watched the entire Rocket to Insanity comic and it was amazing. I watched Scribbler's voice narrated one, where there are hand drawn comics in the back ground and she just voices the ponies. 

I thought it would be cool to get some fans of that comic together to make something such as a SFM or Blender animation. If we can have 10 people working on it, it shouldn't be too much work for each person. As for a Blender animation, which is much more time consuming than SFM, I would say each episode would contain 5 different settings and a total of 10 main characters needed to be animated, so probably 500 hours per episode, or 5000 total for all 10 episodes. With 10 people, that would only be 500 average per person, which can be done within an year (10 hours per week doesn't sound bad). And with blender, it's something very rarely seen with MLP, which I think would look nice (given good rendering techniques). I have a potato of a GPU, so someone with a GTX 1080 or something would have to do the rendering xD. 

SFM would work too, I was just putting Blender as an idea out there. (I have never actually used SFM, but it's faster to animate with that than Blender, right?)

2D would typically work well for an animation short but I just feel like it wouldn't be a good idea for this.

We can even rework the plot a little to adjust it to a single movie that lasts 1 hour.  

But anyways, just a suggestion for a project. I felt like this is the best place to post it.

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As this seems to be a more of a videobased project than anything, it shall be relocated into Stardom's Creative Resources. 

Best of luck with your project and have a lovely day!

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