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Klugetown vs Appleoosa


Division A Match (About Time)  

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  1. 1. Who Wins

    • Appleoosa - Capper, Minuette, Night Glider
    • Klugetown - Lyra, Maud, Thunderlane

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16 minutes ago, Willusion said:


Uh, why is Capper representing Appleoosa instead of his town of origin, Klugetown? That's confusing.

The 32 groups were mostly decided randomly. Also, specific locations would not have matter because captains hadn’t been voted on and characters could be dropped, picked up, and traded anyway. ;)


I mean, he’s always been in this group so there should be no shock at this juncture.

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If I recall correctly, Night Glider and Thunderlane are both decent flyers, Lyra and Minuette I think are evenly matched, and Maud's plainness perfectly counters Capper's Charm. Overall these teams are pretty evenly matched, but then again Thunderlane is in the Wonderbolt's Academy and Maud is,,, well she's Maud. We almost got a coin toss but Klugetown wins this round.

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