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  1. This has been the soundtrack of my life for the last decade, so I might as well listen to it for the rest of my days.
  2. In sports like athletics or boxing (at least on the top level) physical inequalities are quite obvious, but what I don't understand is why there are still separate men's and women's chess and checkers tournaments.
  3. I like this one for how it looks out of context.
  4. Royal cheeseburger pizza, especially with cream cheese stuffed crust.
  5. She is a cool pony and has a cool big brother
  6. My friends initially were a bit surprised that I watch cartoons for kids, but quickly got used to me referencing MLP and other cartoons, and even started using some memes themselves. Now they I regularly get pony-related presents for my birthday, so I'm glad I've always been open about watching MLP.
  7. Wow, this has been going on for 10 years! And for the last 5 years I've been a part of it. MLP: FiM helped me through hard times and restored my faith in animation. Over these years I've changed as a person, but I never lost interest in MLP and its fandom, discovering new great things all the time. Happy birthday, MLP: FiM! Thanks for wonderful memories!
  8. Browsing through some mythical creatures lists, I found the missing head of the headless horse.


    Now I want to see it in MLP G5.


  9. The AI was supposed to randomly generate a picture of a non-existent pony, but it generated this:
  10. Not enough. I have a sitting job and don't have a habit of taking walks. I try to do some basic exercises everyday to keep my body functioning.
  11. I like the movies and the specials, but I haven't watched the TV series, just some random parts of random episodes. Maybe I'll give it a shot one day.
  12. Heard this old classic in the recent episode of The Boys. Haven't heard it in a really long time.
  13. Twilight – agnostic atheist (she was gnostic atheist before Feeling Pinkie Keen). AJ – something traditionally Christian. Rarity – I wanted to write “Judaic”, but than I remembered she likes caviar according to the official MLP web-site, so I’d say Christian as well. Fluttershy is probably in a pagan nature-worshiping cult, and Pinkie is in a Lovecraftian one. Rainbow Dash only worships herself.
  14. Fluttershy (anxious, shy, not sociable) and Twilight (awkward, into reading, and twilighting over the smallest things).
  15. So, I just finished Tangled: The Series, and I must say this is one of those shows that get better from season to season.

  16. Probably, Green Isn't Your Color. I really like Fluttershy and Pinkie in the episode, and it's generally funny, cute and enjoyable. Honorable mentions: Party of One and The Cutie Mark Chronicles.
  17. E. T. I've heard a lot about it, so I decided to finally watch it. It was OK.
  18. In terms of "who deserves it?" it's probably Fluttershy, because she reformed the spirit of chaos. However, I wouldn't want any of Twilight's friends to turn into an alicorn - it's just unnecessary. But if absolutely had to pick one, I'd say AJ, because we haven't got a former earth pony alicorn yet, and we all saw how terrifying Pinkie is with unlimited power.
  19. Mostly people going somewhere slowly. Also, almost every day from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. a tall middle-aged man stands on the sidewalk staring at the traffic intently, not noticing anyone around him. I don't know what his deal is.
  20. When I was rewatching Season 1 not long ago I noticed that Pinkie Pie used to sing way more back then. She had small songs/musical numbers almost every episode she was in. Also, Trixie got the second dot in her eyes in later seasons, which probably means that she turned good.
  21. My own lack of artistic talents and inability to contribute to the fandom in this way used to bother me, but eventually I realized all you have to do to be a fan is enjoy MLP and/or MLP-related things.
  22. The only thing I sometimes miss is the absence of articles. In Ukrainian we don't have any articles, and when I was learning English it took some time to get used to them.