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ooc OOC Deep Science 1x1 with Blitz Boom

Illiad Easle

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@@Blitz Boom

Love your post.

Before I can plan out this next part, which in a spoiler alert, involves their eventual recapture, I need a full description of the coin, range of effect, how the range is amplified by hosts, and, most importantly, weaknesses.

It shouldn't take long to achieve the jump, but I do need to know what to expect from the coin in order to have my characters controlled accordingly.

What does it take to fall influence to the coin? Just being in range? Actually seeing it? Do they have to touch it to be controlled?

If by seeing, does seeing it in video count? if touching, does it have to be direct contact? Or can it be 'Touched' through clothing/armor?

Does it only influence conventionally sentient things? or would animals be influenced as well?

Does its influence ignore terrain? Is it shadowed by the sisters aura? or does it go around?

It should be really interesting when you pull it out, even if Silver Sigma's going to catch you at the door.

Or you fall trap to another scp...

That sounds evil actually.

I need a list of the small cursed items they had at their house, unless you have one, a small one, that they lost during their travels.

As well as a list of small things they may have lost and been missing this whole time.

I know what SCP you're going to test next.

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@Illiad Easle

I'll answer as best I can, but you will be disappointing, just saying it in advance. Considering you say my chars are boned regardless of what they do though, I think that makes us even. :P

It's just a coin. In my headcanon, a fifty bit coin is slightly larger, with a clear gem studded into the middle. The hundreds have silver on the edges and a sapphire.

We already covered the effect and stuff on the first page of this, so not sure why we're going over it again, but basically: Influence starts at let's say 5 meters, with it rising to 15 meters after the first five hosts, then a half meter added for each subsequent member passed into the hivemind. The further away from the center of the influence, the easier it is to not be overtaken. The closer you get, the harder it becomes to resist, and within 1 meter, the pressure on your mind is so great that a regular mortal can't stand against it.

Weaknesses is easy. It works on organic beings with minds. Send machines to recapture it after you gun down whoever was overtaken, or just get it detained by said machines and placed in a sealed anti-magic box, at which point the hosts will fall down and likely be clinically brain dead. Your choice on whatever or not they'll survive with their minds intact, or their brains have been damaged slightly to severely.

Being in range is enough, as it works on putting a strong pressure on your mind, until it breaks through and completely overtakes you. memories and everything gets consumed, and you end up as just another flesh puppet for the entity's hivemind. Weaker, distressed, and/or exhausted minds doesn't need to be as close, since their defenses are weak enough to break before getting within the one meter max damage range. They don't need to physically touch it or see it.

That basically also answer the next line. Pictures holds no transferable effects, so if it was put in an anti-magic box, it could theoretically be classified as Safe.

Animals would break too, and quite a bit easier as well. It wouldn't help with the range though, and since it's not higher life forms, they aren't workable as being talked through. Consider animals as sort of the robots of the hivemind. Just tools to send after targets. Also, this does not count for insects. Their minds are simply too small to be controlled.

If by terrain you mean that it will work through walls and such, the answer is yes, unless something anti-magical blocks the path. Consider the aura a kind of invisible sphere. Also, Null or Void being in contact with it will completely have it shut down, as the base functions of it will not be able to work, so the tactic would basically be for Null to either *accidentally* drop it, and then walk out of the range, or give it to somepony gullible, like say, a diamond dog guard, and hide it at just being a bribe to gain something. More food, or some more pillows perhaps. That sort of thing. Gold is gold and gems are gems, no matter what country you're in, so there's value in the coin when you just look at it.

The coin will be pulled out if it's to try and bribe somepony, though otherwise, again, it will just be dropped by a swing stretch or stumbling a little. That kind of thing.

As for the other SCP, the same rules apply. The entity can overtake them as long as they are sentient beings with the mind of like, a gerbil or above, though depending on the SCP, they may be able to protect themselves better, or corrupt the coin instead, which in turn will corrupt the hosts. You could theoretically have an even more evil mind take  control of the tools for an ever expanding army this way, for example.

You won't get a list of cursed items, because I don't have any. Never had, never intended to. It was just three saddlebags of things they got through their travels, which I only planned to reference if they ever came up during things. I can mention three of them, and that's the best I can do.

Null's weapon: The Darts of Reclamation. A blowdart set where you blow one of the darts through, it then hits an object, and if it's non-living, like a wall or a block of steel etc. it will rot away nearly instantaneous. On bigger surfaces, it rots in a 3 meter radius in all directions of the target it hits. Null can use this as when the dart leaves, it will become active, and the effect take place. Regular folks use it, and they will find that when they blow the dart, it takes away ten years of their life per usage.

Void's weapon: The Naginata of Boundless Wrath. Good blade on it, in three parts when not put together, and if not blocked by the anti-magic field, the blade itself will pulverize any non-living thing it hits. Like with the darts, but it will be 5 meters on larger objects, and be formed after the slice. In normal beings that holds the naginata, it will put the creature in a state of mindless fury that will only stop once the weapon have been taken away from them - which is no easy task - or when they die from exhaustion. Needless to say, anypony in this state, will attack everything around them, if it moves or not.

A whip made from a large bone, with the bones of seven long cat tails tied together with dark magic and tough wires, ending in a spike on each tails last part. The Seven Tails of Zinthar. Came from my RP about a year and a half ago, and the only thing they have picked up in Equestria. On its own, just a seven-tailed cat whip that just looks a little fancy, but when not held in check, it is another entity, that will possess whoever holds it, and attempt to use them for its own gains, whatever they may be. Less evil than the other influence, though the whip when hitting a being, will carve magical poison into them with the spikes, which will go to the brain and cause severe, agonizing pain. Duration depends on the applications. Zinthar - the name of the being in the whip - can be reasoned with and potentially be used as a worker, provided that he is not separated from his host, unless some other body that is better comes along.

As mentioned, never intended for anything to be lost, but they may well have dropped something during an escape so... Make up whatever you want there, along with what else they may have had in the saddlebags.

They never had any personal effects with them, so it'd only be things like this they might've lost.

There. Good enough?

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@@Blitz Boom

Sorry for making you go through all that again, I am dealing with a very stubburn coding problem so that has me thinking weird about everything else right now.

That will all do very nicely, and I thought we had discussed it before, but I was a bit lazy about not looking back in this thread to see it again, my bad.

I was thinking 5m is a bit overpowered, but then again there are more powerful things to be had here.

As soon as I either resolve my coding problem, or find a stopping point, I'll give you the next post, okay?

I have a great idea, if it all plays out right Null will find herself between loving something and hating another. Should go down great.

(Personally I was really upset when I discovered this SCP as I misread the document before using it, but then I realized it was actually pretty cool.)

I've also decided that many of the SCP's will work normally, and others will be affected by Null and Void. Would make the whole next half really boring if they couldn't use any of the things they found in the facility.

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@Illiad Easle

5m is just when the pressure starts to build on your mind, it is not instantaneously taking you over there, unless you have the weak will of a sleeping foal. Consider it a sort of warning about the real pressure that's approaching.

As for your idea with Null, good luck. Love and joy isn't exactly easy to come by for her to begin with, and this prison camp isn't making it any easier. :P

And yes, of course some SCP's should still work. They will have their own anomalous effects that will either cancel out the sisters, ignore it, or even make both of them act erratic and cause some unexpected results. Can't have it all be linear, long as my two dears aren't killed, or further dismembered. Void have enough issue losing an eye and a leg as it is.

Which reminds me, the mention of that in the last post were just to explain why she had a glass eye in the first place. I figure that the *parents* actually thought the medicine might work to clear the infection, but sadly, the aura had a wonky effect on the semi-magical medicine and it didn't work well enough to save her eye. I can imagine that actually being the first point the two felt sympathy for the sisters, which in time culminated into them getting overly emotional when the accident happened and deciding to make a run for it. I figured this would fit well into what we established earlier. :)

Also, looking forward to who *Him* is. Gonna be interesting. Though for now, all I can think about is Him from the original Powerpuff Girls. :P

Billedresultat for ppg Him

I am terrified already.

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@@Blitz Boom

To give you an idea of what I have to do, here's a link to the map that Null and Void have discovered.


That will help you keep straight where they are, where things are in relation to them, and where they've been.

there are 59 noteworthy things to find on the map, bonus if you manage to find them all.

Still working on it, but it will be a doozy when it's ready.

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@Illiad Easle

Well... Two small things mate? First off, they haven't discovered a map, and the second is that I have no idea what to do with it if they do eventually find said map. Am I to guide the entity towards the best things to possess? Let loose the worst things to cause chaos and potentially make several things breach containment? Trying to find a way out? I am not entirely certain what your plan might be here.

At least it's not a country map. I am absolutely horrible at reading a map. Like, severely, utterly, horrendously, bad. :)

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@@Blitz Boom

This is a remembered map,(I said discovered map because it's all of the map that they've discovered) you can decide how much of this they remember, and it only contains the rooms they've recently been too. As you can see it doesn't contain where they were yesterday. and they will forget fairly quickly what they found in the room if they don't pass through it again. That's where the notes come in.

Mostly this is so you as the writer don't forget in a day what they saw only a few minutes ago. You can decide if they forget something on the map and not use that, but it will help you in faster movement by telling me, for example, they go to a5 by the shortest route. Then I can skip describing room by room and only tell you if something changed or happened along the way.

They may eventually find a map in the facility, and then they won't forget notes, but until then they will forget notes every so often.

They can also only see creatures that are in their line of sight, and that is reflected in the map as well.

You don't have to use it, but it's a tool to help in not getting too lost.

(Until you find the thing that gets you lost.)

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@@Blitz Boom

Actually 106 is one of the more powerful ones, but to be faithful to their character, they escape when it's most difficult to recapture them. For instance, if another Keter level threat is already out and causing quite a stir?

I plan to have the two of them fight as my 106 would love the thrill of breaking a hive-mind in their pocket dimension. Call it what you will (Given I have no idea what to call it) There isn't much that can excite that old timer.

Won't be for a bit though till they interact, then re-containment will commence. You have about... 5-10 posts until re-containment, then we get into what I was talking about.

There are two key players that haven't reached the facility yet. But they will very soon after re-containment.

I look forward to what they'll do.

A hint: I would explore as much as they can, it will help them next time.

Hope I didn't give too much away,

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@Illiad Easle

Well, long as a ton of damage is done and the entity gets enough time to grab control of several essential members to the site (so that they can die among the other parts of the hivemind) you can do with the entity what you will. I care not for it, only the damage it can do, and the distraction it provides. :)

As for my reply, they will explore, as the task is damage and chaos, as said by 990, so Null plans to cause as much mayhem as can be by breaking several containment and letting whatever is captured loose. It gives the guards and such something to be dealing with, whilst the two of them looks for a way out. So basically a distraction that will also result in loss of life.

Hey, you had 990 tell them to cause problems. I am simply having them comply to that. :p Muahahahaha!!!

Also, the thing with Null and changing items, is to make sure she don't lose something she wants to keep. Making sure she only carries one thing at a time guarantees that particular thing will vanish, if you allow it to work. Looking forward to seeing what will happen. :)

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@Illiad Easle

Your researcher may or may not be in a bind now, depending on your decision on this. Though they will find others to ask this.

You and I however, both know the real question: Where, oh where, is sweet, innocent little 035? You have to be hiding something fun behind your endless walls. :D

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@@Blitz Boom

1 hour ago, Blitz Boom said:

not wanting Void to try and potentially loose either her leg or her eye to this thing.

I honestly had not considered this, good call by Null.

I first read that the researcher might be blind, then read it again. I wondered what you might have done to her.

Oh he's in there alright, just in heavy containment. (He is Keter class after all)

I'll have a response up soon enough, you're pretty good at this.

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@Illiad Easle

I used to do a lot of more.... Violent and dark RP before getting to this forum. They kept closing down within a year however, due mostly to poor management, and after I stumbled over that wedding song on Youtube with Chrysalis in it, then Bride of Discord, I figured I'd check this place out.

Cut to 4 years later, and I have a flock of ponies and assorted other beings, where the most gritty is one who sold her soul to demons, yet isn't interested in going on mayhems or the like. How things change from all the torture and cannibalism, but hey, these forums are active. :) And I brought that up to reference that if the setting allowed it, and I had other chars for it, this could've been a lot worse, though it is fun to draw on some of the old grit again. ^^

Me rambling aside, you're doing well too. Keeping me on my toes and wondering what sorta horrid thing might end up happening in the next post. I just know that it's bound to happen sooner or later. :P It's like a good, psychological thriller. You keep expecting the scare, but when it finally happens, your nerves have been worn down so it leaves a greater impact. The sign of good writing in my opinion. :)

And if the researcher were blind, Null would likely just leave her be, as she have a half-blind sister, and could sympathize with her. Plus, she'd be less likely to know directions,a nd it wouldn't be fair.

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@@Blitz Boom

If you want it to get darker, I could be a bit more descriptive, there are some very powerful SCPs in this facility. (The game as a horror game is very great. SCP Containment breach is one of the few horror games I can actually play, and knowing how to play it well does not make it any easier. Really it is a great achievement to win that game at all, much less without dying multiple times.)

We'll see how it all plays out though, you should be able to avoid capture for a bit still.

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@@Blitz Boom

Alright, I'm not sure how I can get the story from where it is, to where I need it to go, to get to the very satisfying conclusion I wanted it to.

So I'll give you some of the details and see what you think could happen to bring then to fruition.

So there are two key SCPs that I made especially for this RP, named CODE-X and Colonel Panic. Both of which only exist later in the established timeline, specifically after both the Summer War and Illiad's Ascension (Which only happens in a alternate universe in my own head-canon, I'm not that vain.). Plot I envisioned would be that Null and Void are used to test, or are forced into, cryo-chambers, and released by Colonel Panic to take control of the facility from CODE-X with the help of Null and Void. They will have many opportunities throughout to choose a side, while they evade and fight off many of the hostile SCPs in the facility. To eventually escape the facility. This all happens three years after where we are now, Illiad the Alicorn is now Consul of Troy and the director of Deep Science long gone. His forces will assist in recapturing the facility once Null and Void make it far enough, and there may be scuffles with them before they can finally escape, find their brainwashed parents, and do what they like in the new world.

However, we somehow need them to be recaptured, and not in a totally lame way as that wouldn't be fun.

I'm thinking, they endure the evacuation shelter until it is called off, the scps contained so all can resume their functions. But they know that Null and Void are still loose so each evacuation shelter will be searched for them.

I Imagine that they'll use the dart to break out, running for a bit before they overhear Dir. Bunsen talking with an unknown figure which he refers to as Director Fury, but is not seen by the sisters. Dir. Bunsen is about to round the corner when the sisters are attacked by surprise by none other than the same deer who told Void earlier that she would help them get out. She whispers to Void again, saying that she just needs a little more time and they'll all be free of this place.

But I need to know your thoughts on this, you think this is a good way to play it out? I can assure you I will make it very unclear up to the end which of CODE-X, Colonel Panic, S-900, and Vale Conegher, can really be trusted, and who's really in the right.

S-900 will also talk to them in their dreams while they are in cryo-sleep, letting them know that the crisis was averted given the halt on their magical research, but he will still help them to escape. (This, if they accept, will give them the ability to cheat death by waking up each time they die and allowing them to save their progress whenever they sleep.)

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@Illiad Easle

Need to be on a bus soon, so a short reply, then a bigger one later perhaps.

I think that having them not be sure who to trust is a good idea, though really, they are unlikely to trust any of them. They only do what 900 says currently because they feel like they owe Equestria to not do something like that. We will see how you handle manipulating them as things goes on though, and have a better feel for them.

Pro tip: The one who can protect Void the better is going to gain a lot more leeway.

If the shelters are searched, the two of them will indeed take the door down and run for it, though if they meet Bunsen, it will not be passing by. Null meant it when she said she wanted him down, and they're currently carrying 1499 with them. Perhaps have that one forced upon him so he can suffer at least some too, and then the two of them gets captured because they didn't make a run for it.

Or that cryo chamber you mentioned. To avoid capture, they go into that place, and accidentally gets frozen down. It takes them ages to then get them out since magic isn't helpful in thawing them really, so it takes longer, in which time things have changed, and we take things from there?

Or we merge it with your version, which is that the deer says she needs more time,t hen forces them into the cryo chamber that's just around where Bunsen is? It kind of all depends on him, since Null wants him dead, so getting anywhere near him will distract them. If you want him to survive, have them ambushed. If not, let them mess him up first, then ambush. Either way, Vale (I think the deers name were?) could be good at taking advantage of either and get them forced into a cryo chamber whilst she sets up a plan.

You could have her force Null in, since the pegasi is small and easier to deal with, and then Void will run after her sister, straight into the trap. Thoughts?

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@Illiad Easle

Okay, back home, so now to address the last few things.

The idea of it taking three years for them to be free is interesting, and will certainly cause Null to want to destroy the entire facility even more, since whatever semblance of a life they had started in Equestria might have been lost now, which will make Colonel Panic as valid a tool for vengeance as any if he let them out and flat out tells them that he wants to use them to take over the facility, and in exchange they'd be stricken from Deep Science records, and left alone. Make him hand over their weapons too while at it, and he's a vial of an ally as any, though the trust will still run shallow.

I don't know his personality, but really, I think being blunt is the best way at doing this. It'd be harsh to say to them that they're just tools in his personal business, but honesty is something Null and Void believe they haven't gotten from Troy since their parents sacrificed themselves, so it would be a sliver of respect to just do this. More than they'd think anyone running the facility would do.

Again, this may just be a perception, and he more than anyone else, is dragging them around by their noses, but I simply state my characters perception of things. What the truth is really lies with you.

As for Illiad being an alicorn, I don't see it as being that vain. Quite frankly I just wondered when it was going to happen. Even if you only saw the posts in the Blackwater Quarry thread, it wasn't all that hidden what sort of path he were going down, with the gem, his place as a balance lever, etc. I'm just wondering what sort of leader he'd be at that point. My first intuition? Nice in the public's eye, but a loathsome individual for anypony who knows him privately, or comes from Equestria. A few things you mentioned just can't make me see him as one who'd try to make connections and mend fences. Might just be me though.

Though, will say that I'm not sure if Null and Void will leave Troy just yet. if the forces you mentioned are sent and tries to keep the sisters detained and refers to them as simple things as well, whilst obviously - through word of clothing - being of the leadership, or if something seems changed that will make it appear as if the new counsul might be a better leader, the two might want to stick around for... Reasons. Likely not good ones, considering how things have gone thus far.

Now, as far as that last paragraph, I'm gonna need to have an explanation about how that'd even work, considering the two cancels out magic, so they can't exactly be resurrected, or Undertale'd, as I guess this is more like. :P Are your thought that when they die, their aura vanished, leaving it possible to bring them back to... What, the night before? Or is it just their memories that come from there? Some details needed to say whatever or not I'm game for that. :)

There, think I got it all covered then.

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@@Blitz Boom

Alright, it's been far too long, sorry to have kept you waiting.

Really like the commentary, really it helps me think up how the whole second half will go.

As to how it all goes down, I think the events will then play out as follows:

They break out of the evacuation shelter, and go running through the empty facility trying to evade capture, and we'll see if they can evade the special guard for long, I imagine they take up the tactic of hiding whenever they hear movement so as to not get caught, thus they overhear part of the conversation before recognizing the voice as belonging to Bunsen (He talks differently to Dir. Fury than he did to them.) Once they recognize the voice Null at least would go to attack, only to get ambushed by Vale. Vale would be hesitant to attack Void as well, telling her to just play along a little longer, and they'd all be out safely. But if Void strikes out as well Vale would knock her out too.

Then they are taken to cryo-storage.

Then I'll figure out how the rest goes down, but the struggle will be very real for them and all those seeking power and freedom from the facility.

I'll have a post reflecting these decisions up in a few minutes so we can move this story along in that direction.

As to the rest of your commentary:

Illiad the alicorn

I have been aware since the beginning of my time here of the stigma against OC alicorns, and thus I had set out to make a story where one could ascend with tons of justification so that a reader could reasonably accept it. Which I suppose I succeeded given your reaction.

At the same time I have wanted to reign in a bit on what Illiad is actually capable of, Poniad Part 2 is going to have a large focus on Illiad's own inner turmoil as Vengeance, he is at his core a nice person, one who seeks good in those around him and tries to foster good relationships, you see that in how hard he tries with the Blackwaters despite how difficult they were about it. However, being thrown into the life of a politician changes him for the worse, at the start he is taken advantage of for his sincerity and kindness, and he decides to distance himself from his own emotions as a politician, which is bad for an empathic.

In short, he is torn between trying to be a good person, and being the person he needs to be for the good of the world. In public he shows a strong face, but in private he is vengeful to those who deserve it, and a broken wreak to those who know him. Only those he trusts can see him as he really is. (I also have a series planned called Vengeance where he forgives two of those involved in the tea incident, and renders vengeance on the other one.)

The Illiad I am inclined to show you is also changed from there, the Discord incident also changed him into a more caring leader, it could be said that he took a page from Celestia's book at that point, while still distancing himself from other of her practices. Should Null and Void come into Trojan Care after escaping the facility, he would desire to personally apologize on behalf of the Empire for their wrong and seek whatever method to make it right. We can talk details when they do.

Details on 900's effect.

Given we already established that 900 can interact with them anyway, and he is shown to at least manipulate time to some degree that he can know the future and how to change it, I would say simply that he can travel in time.

Thus when they die, he can copy their memories and pass them backwards to them as they are awaking from cryo-sleep. They wouldn't remember it all in perfect detail, but enough of it to not make the same mistakes.


He watches them as they try to escape, and when they fail goes back to tell them how it happened wrong, letting them choose differently and even giving them hints so they can do better the next time.

Take your pick, the effect is the same:

They can get killed in wonderfully horrendous fashions, and still get all the way to the end.

Maybe they'll get a bit Groundhog Day about it and try out dangerous things, though 900 would immediately warn them that there are some deaths that not even he can rescue them from.

Alright, I'll have yur post in just a few minutes!

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@Illiad Easle

Sorry for it taking a few days, yesterday were a bit mental. Anyway, to address the OOC parts of things.

The way you say things should go sounds good, and yes, Void would attack Vale if she hurt Null. It wouldn't matter what she said, or how terrified Void were of deer, she'd do it for her sister, even if she isn't generally the aggressor. Far as they know, all they have left is eachother, so they'll rush to the others side in a heartbeat. Vale should also be able to defeat both, as Null would be ambushed (Cheap shot :P) and Void isn't an exeprienced hoof to hoof fighter. She knows how to use spear weapons well, but not just her hooves, and though she have some power behind her, it doesn't matter much when she isn't experienced in any real fighting styles.

Just for the record though, if Vale is still alive three years later, Null will literally try to rip her face off if she sees her. No words of *I'll try and get you out* will satisfy Null, after keeping them frozen for so long that whatever scraps of a life they were starting to get would be gone. I guess you already figured this, but you know, clarification from my side. :)

Moving on to the Alicorn part. There is indeed a stigma against them, which is why I don't personally play any, and any who attempt to join my thread with one are under heavy scrutiny. They're so easy to just be self-important Mary Sue's, and no one wants to interact with beings like that. I can understand you wanting some ground work, and some actual conflict behind the scenes with Illiad, to tell through that he didn't just pop in out of nowhere, but actually have some story that leads to that part, and isn't as perfect as one might think.

In a way, I think it would be good for Illiad to meet Null and Void, as you seem to be planning out. They represent some of the worst that Troy could do to a pony, and some who have every right to seek vengeance, yet to grant them that, he have to admit several flaws in his own governing body, and Deep Science, which he supported, having worked towards weapons that would be able to decimate entire cities. That's not vengeance after all, that is only cold blooded murder, and supporting the ones who had those plans (As I seem to recall you saying he did, through the leader of Deep Science) would be a conflicting issue for his station, surely.

Also, considering that everything that have happened to Null and Void can be tracked back to Deep Science, the only vengeance that would really fit were to kill whoever higher up the ladder had authorized everything that happened to them, from stealing them at birth, to bringing them back to be used as lab rats. Could be a troubling issue for Illiad, depending on how far up it went.

Well, I guess they could also have some blame to lay on their father for bringing them into the world, but that's more of a stretch. And yes, I have come to consider this cannon, as it will explain their similarities in both appearance and abilities better than having two random couples birth something like them. In theory it could be some kind of shape shifter though I suppose, so they didn't know their partners weren't the father, but then their real father might have actually kept an eye on them now and again, and they had no idea... Eh, something to think about for another time perhaps, if it ever really comes up as more than *No one knows for sure who your real father were*.

Anyway, rambling now. Illiad looks fine, makes sense, and look forward to seeing what plans you may or may not have with him.

So to finish on 900, I'd say option 2. 900 seems more like a Game Master than anything to me so far, and trying to guide the players along so they don't keep sitting in the same rut constantly seems more in line than just resetting the game, and then seeing if things change via parts of future experiences. Just my view on it anyway.

Never seen Groundhog Day, though I can assure you that they won't try to kill themselves just to see what'd happen. Null wouldn't let her little sister go through that, and Void would end up catatonic if she had to watch Null die all the time. :)

Oh right, one last thing. This week, my last response to this thread will be Thursday. I have a birthday to attend, and otherwise family to visit in general this weekend, so gonna likely be off until Monday there. I may end up making a post at some point, but I'd rather set it as not being assured, so that you won't get disappointing if I can't. :)

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@@Blitz Boom

Don't worry about it, happens to all of us.

(Just discovered an animated series on Youtube called Confinement, based on life as an anomalous class D. Gave me great ideas that changed my perspective on certain characters as well as what you may encounter in the future. The series would rate in at PG-13 for language gore and violence)

I look forward to their reunion, and I hope it will paint a great picture for them as they realize just how deep she was in it as well.

On Illiad, As an alicorn

That is exactly the kind of stigma that I sought t avoid, which is why I don't use that character in RPs, it is not easy to use them realistically while also being fun in a story. Which is why I only portray him that way in a one shot, and focus in more on his internal struggles, and how they are intensified by the plight of immortality. It will give the readers an image of what I think Celestia feels on a daily basis, though from Illiad's understanding of the experience, realizing why Celestia would have made her decisions, whilst using her example to make better ones. It ends with him coming to terms with her methods, coming to accept what happened on a profound level as he sees that he would have made the same choices had he not seen the consequences as he could, and she could not. Should be a fun read.

How that relates to us and this story. Illiad is presently a but depressed, and thus cold to threats against him and his nation, given his wife is lost to him due to the Discord Incident. More details will potentially come from Illiad himself when the time comes.

And to ease your conscience, the one responsible for what happened to Null and Void will die a very painful death, don't worry, and it does not involve the Balance leader in question. He pays for his crimes, as do all who step out of the line of vengeance in Deep Science, Illiad will assure them of that. I'll work up some backstory as to why the pony in question has such a personal hatred towards the sisters, it will likely involve the site they were originally stationed at. Should be fun.

Father in question seems really cool, maybe would form an arc in the aftermath of their escape?

Alright, I'll have a post up very soon, want to get on to the next part quickly as it will get very complicated with all the twists I have planned for these little ones of yours...

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@Illiad Easle

I'll have to owe you two responses tomorrow, as things got manic here again. I'll pop one out before work, then the next in response to whatever, later in the evening. You'll get what you're due. :)

As for Iliad, I have nothing more to add there really, as you summed it up pretty perfectly, and have gotten to the point where he have to accept that yes, Celestia is not perfect, but she have had to make difficult decisions that he also finds himself needing to deal with. It makes their differences seem more interesting, as it's hitting a personal level, and isn't simply a black and white perspective. Very nice work.

Not sure what Discord would've done since he's reformed now, but then again, might've been something earlier, or an accident, or retaliation, etc. Many options I suppose, and we will perhaps see what that's all about.

Null will be happy about the painful death. :)

Father could be something to work around after the escape, and may be a reason for them to stick around Troy for a time, beyond the want to destroy everything for what they've done. They'd have to find some papers on their origins at some point though, in that case. I'll let that potential plotline be up to you. :)

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