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Harry Potter ''Hidden Secterts of the Potters''


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Fan made Novel  "Hidden Secrets of the Potters''
Log Line ''The Greatest Threats are the ones you Can Not See and Know Nothing About.''
During the pregnancy of their second child, Harry Potter,  his six year old sister Maple Rose Potter , mysteriously vanished without a trace. The Potters Consumed in grief, yet knowing the importance to make sure their second child was born healthy and well. Were forced to wait until the birth of their child, to continue their search.  yet as the time grows close a new threat is made known to the Potter family.
Not to long after the birth of their son, the potters fall victim to the the threat that took both their lives. Harry's mother quickly casting a magic spell protecting their child from the dangers that threaten to take his life.
As Harry Grows Up, Making many friends, defeating many foe's. Successful in The final battle to help set the balance of good and evil.
Harry Potter Married and had a family two sons and a Daughter...
Yet this is merely the start of his life..,
Late one night, Harry Potter in his study, hearing a faint knock at the door. "'Come in the door is open.'' 
Lilly Luna Potter quickly enters her fathers study, closing the door shut. Looking distress full of worry'' Father my friend needs your help...''
Harry looking down at his daughter, knowing the whimsical stories she would tell him, smile on his face.'' I'm not sure if I can be much help,'' seeing the sad expression on her face.wanting to give her some comfort.'' perhaps I can try.''
Lilly looking up at her father, hopeful expression on her face.'' She is trapped, lost  and afraid.''
Harry getting a bit uneasy, usually his daughter would talk about fairies, mermaids, even flying unicorns, this was very unusual even for her.'' do you know where?''
Lilly, tears in her eyes worried about her friend.'' She did not say, she told me to find her brother, he would know what to do.''
Harry Potter, concerned.'' Did she tell you her name, perhaps I can look up her family history at the ministry tomorrow," Quickly Grabbing a Piece of Parchment on his desk, dabbing his quill and ink.
Lilly, wiping the tears from her eyes.'' Maple Rose Potter.''
Harry finding it odd, puzzled his parents were the only known potters in the wizard world, mumbling to himself ( could there be a second potter family, perhaps our families are related in some way.)  or maybe her parents were half muggles or wizzard's. Yet seeing the fear in her eyes. Knowing how important it was to her, needing more information. Questions her further.'' Did she say her parents or brothers name, when she spoke to you.''
Lilly, getting up on her fathers lap, looking down at the parchment, her friends name Written in her father's hand writing.'' She told me her parents where expecting her baby brother, at the time she was taken away from them. She cried wanting to go home with her family, yet the dark figure refused to let her leave.'' remembering the time she last saw her.'' She would secretly sneak away from him, appear in my dreams, at first we would just play dolls, skip in puddles  or just skate on a frozen pond together. Yes the Last few dreams she spoke about her future baby brother.''
Harry Potter a flurry question swirl through his mind, yet not wanting to interrupt his daughter.'' can you tell me what you remember.''
Lilly drifting off into her memory of dreams. ''we are playing, taking turns on the swing,  she told me her parents came to her, said she was going to be a big sister. She was so happy, during the early days they were deciding on a name.. For their child...Maple Told me she helped them with a name for her baby brother, she had a plush puppy her parents bought for her for her 5th birthday, seeing his long harry look. That is when she made the Suggestion. Harry. I asked her what if the baby was a girl, she said no. The baby was a boy. How could you tell, she said she knows. Her parents decided the full name would be Harry James Potter.''
Harry Potter, Overwhelmed, he was kept in the dark all his life about his parents, family members and their friends, having only the memories of the final moments he last saw his mother alive remembering the sound of shrieks of pain surging through his mother from Voldemort's final strike that sadly took her life. Only a photograph left behind to help remember their faces.
Who was Maple Rose Potter, why did his parents kept her a secret for the outside of the home. His family had friends and knew his parents well, why would they not bring her up, and what about Serious Black why have he not mention his niece, not even once.
Could she have been the first victim of Voldermort, or was there another foe hiding in the shadows yet far more sinister that the one he defeated.
Lilly looking up at Him. Lost in  a blizzard of Questions '' Father her brother does have the same name you do. Is it possible that she is your sister?  could we be related?''
Harry Potter, snapping out of his mixed thoughts,   looking at his daughter, concerned and worried look on her face. '' I don't know, but I'm going to find out.can you remember anything else.''
Lilly going back to the last dream she had.'' Maple told me she had to stay away for a while the dark shadow like figure was growing suspicious.''
Harry Potter looking up at the clock on the wall in his study, midnight. "' its getting late, your mother would be furious to see you up at this hour.'' getting off his chair picking up his daughter, bringing her to her bedroom, placing her in her bed, pulling the sheets over his daughter tucking her in snugly, kissing her on the forehead, ''get some rest, if she comes back in your dreams tell me at once.''
Lilly looking at her father standing in the door way.'' You will help Maple, Won't you.''
Harry Potter looking back at his daughter.'' I will do everything I Can.''
yes I just wrote this Right Now.. What do you Think about this? It open the world of Harry Potter all over again.
Not going to go deeper into writing this fan fiction story, since I got my own novel series to write about.
However I'm just curious to find out how many out there, like this sudden twist, on the Harry Potter series..
Written by Laurie Ann Garland
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