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~* OCs as Magical Equestria Girls! *~ {OPEN}

Pripyat Pony

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This is a shop where I will take your OC and make them into a Magical Girl, Equestria Girls style. There are a few rules that need to be followed.


1. Don't get impatient; I will post requests when they are done but I do have a life outside of here. These are totally hand drawn, including clothing and hair, so will take a while to complete. Please don't nag me in either thread or PM about when your request will be ready. No redos for the same reason. Oh, and only female OCs and genderswaps.
2. Please fill in the request form in its entirety cuz missing things out will mean your request gets passed over til you complete it.
3. Since I will be handdrawing cutie marks, please try to keep them simple. Also, if you give me a handdrawn pic, supplying colour samples will be nice cuz otherwise I have to guess. Please refrain from requesting over complicated clothes, accessories too; remember I am hand drawing, not digitally drawing.
4. This is first come, first served. Five requests will be taken first, then the store will be closed til I catch up.


The notes in brackets are instructions so delete them and add in your answers.

OC: (This is where you put your reference picture, or "In upload" if you are uploading a reference)

Base: (The bases I am using are my own, they can be found here: Click Please don't ask me to use other bases. If you don't mind which base I use, then put "Random" here)

Other Details: (Clothing preferences ie dress, trousers, etc and colours and accessories go here. Also, remember that these pics are going to be drawn in the Equestria Girls "Magical Girl" style, so naturally will have longer hair)


1. Venomous - Complete

2. Tao

3. SincereSpark



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Hello, @Pripyat Pony

I would like to request my ponysona as an EqG character. 

Base: Random

Hair: Black

Hair style: Large bangs covering the left eye with a high ponytail

Skin: White

Eyes: Light blue

Top: Black tank top

Bottoms: Purple shorts with a paw print on one side 

Shoes: Black healed boots that are knee high

Extra: Purple eye shadow, black bands on wrists and neck

I will post a photo of my ponysona because it will provide a reference to hair style, colors, cutie mark, and extra stuff.



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Base: Random

Hair:  Light purple and lavender with a sparkle in it

Hair style: Long bangs in the front and going slightly longer in a back with a wave to her hair to the middle of her back

Skin: Deep purple but lighter in human form

Eyes: A deep sky blue

Top: A blouse that is slightly long.

Bottoms: Loose pants with a flare on the bottom

Shoes: you pick

Extra: She has on a jeweled hair pin.





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My OC Turnaround is a pony with some goat features (horizontal eyes, that sort of thing).




Base: Applejack 1.

Other Details: She wears a lot of coats, what type or color is up to you. Also her brown/yellow scarf from the picture. 




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Heyo! I would love to request something from your shop <3

OC: Captain Caramel

Base: Random

Other Details: If you can do something pirate like, that would be cool! But I understand that might not fit the magical girl theme.
So if that doesn't work, you can just go with whatever you think looks good! Creative freedom :3

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Hi @Pripyat Pony! If you're still taking requests here, I'd love to submit my own for consideration. :D

OC: Autumn Wind.




Base: Fluttershy 1

Other Details: If you could please include her hair clip and scarf seen in the second base, would be appreciated. :) Clothing style; I'm thinking a coat over a dress. Whatever colour would suit her best.

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Heya! Could you do Lucky Bolt for me? :catface:

Base: Fluttershy 1

Here's a reference picture....




Only thing to add would be brown cowgirl boots if possible. Thanks! :mlp_grin:

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You've done Lektra before in a previous thread for just converting to EG, but all the art people had done for me in the past has been lost (the links anyway, not the art itself, just don't remember the links). So it's good to get new ones

OC: In upload, see below

This one is a splice of two images, it shows her watch making holographic UI.20181006_202834.thumb.jpg.8e7e2bfab6518551ef0150ce15d42adb.jpg

The artist didn't include it in the colored version originally, so I had to splice it with an older image. Here's the full color for reference 


And this is her CM. It goes on the lab coat pockets as well (artist forgot this too), and she's also wearing it as a necklace 


Sorry for the complexity :please:

Base: Let's use Twilight since she has wings (technically), but if you feel like Rainbow or Flutters pose might fit better, feel free

Other Details: In upload also. Please just add her Mark on the lab coat pockets

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