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Shout! Factory isn't releasing any more DVDs


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It was almost three months ago since the last My Little Pony DVD was released from Shout! Factory -- Hearts and Hooves. But now, I don't think they're going to release any more MLP DVDs. Of course, it was exactly 10 years ago when Shout! Factory signed a multiyear agreement with Hasbro to bring its properties to DVD, and it's most likely that the "multiyear agreement" actually turned out to be a "10-year agreement".
Link to the upcoming releases in Spring 2019:
Link to Shout! Factory and Hasbro's agreement from 2009:
And now that the 10 years are up, it's now the end of an era for My Little Pony DVDs.
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6 hours ago, Denim&Venom said:

Well it's not exactly an optimal medium these days. Physical media is on the decline and most mlp fans just stream or download the episodes.

Anyone know if there's a way to have them on a local storage that doesn't involve doing something shady? I don't like DVD's. They're slow, they become unreadable just by looking at them, and they're a huge pain to make backups of.

I like the cloud. It's fast and efficient. But after this year, I'm not going to trust that everything won't suddenly get taken down. MLP seemed to almost vanish from Netflix once already recently. I'd prefer hard files on an HDD or similar. Backups of that are easy, and fast access makes it much easier to look up material quickly instead of having to fumble through DVD's trying to find what I need.

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Hmmm, no more DVDs, you say?

I once said, I think, that it is my belief that DVDs are kind of obsolete by now. 4.7 GB and 480p say it all today when it's 2019 and Blu-ray already happened and gives superior space and video quality. Not to mention, from what I know so far, 4K is growing up. So I hope this means that they finally gonna do episodes and seasons (I hope) on Blu-Ray, because it is about time IMO. I hope this doesn't mean that they are done with MLP home media as a whole, because they are not done yet!



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I really wish they continued to do the commentaries  on the DVDs like they did with Season 1, as it was a real hoot to watch the episodes while the creators and VAs brought up fun little stories about the episode you were watching.

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