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A random and not so special ask a pony thread

Kevin Tang

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So... I did make this a few months ago

And I think I'm going to make a new one

So yeah... Here are some information about me and my ponysona


Answers :


1. Not really a pony name, but you could say his name is Kevin Tang and you can also call him Potato
2. Kirin
3. 15yrs old
4. Male/straight
5. Studying economics, learning French(French is canon :p), chatting with other ponies indirectly, reading encyclopedias, and being indoors
6. Household chores, outdoor activities, and open nature.
7. Mom's homemade food
8. Nothing special, just your regular and average pony smell
9. Ehhh.... No
10. His father is a Kirin from the Peaks of Peril and his mother is a unicorn from Manehattan. The family lives in Manehattan, as a just your regular pony family.
11. None (real reason : I can't really design cutie marks, nor have the creativity to actually make one)
12. No + he doesn't like pets
13. Staring at other ponies at school
14. He grins?
15. He usually spits out all of his anger to sometimes unlucky siblings and unfortunate items.
16. He likes something that's not targeted for his age group and gender.
17. His bedroom and his school
18. He doesn't know, he hasn't found the light yet
19. Something that is able to sustain his life and family till the day he retires
20. He lags a lot like a literal potato :p

Feel free to ask more!

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Hi! :)Does Potato have any role models? How does he feel about being called Potato, and what does he think of the food itself? What are their dreams at night like? :) 

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