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Animation Netflix better cartoons than the big 3 channels.


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Doesn't Netflix use a less 'hands-on' approach to most of their 'original content' (the material they produce or distribute) which reduces the level of executive meddling compared to the structure the 'big three' have been running on for years now? Although it isn't exactly the sole factor in this case, it seems to have a noticeable impact on the nature of much of Netflix's material in some way nonetheless. 

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Netflix has taken a quantity over quality approach in regards to their originals. Not just in animation. They've shit out a bunch of different shows over the past few years, some great, some awful. Examples of good (imo) would be Bojack Horseman and Disenchanted. On the other hand you've got shows like Big Mouth, which marked the first time I was ever unironically offended by a cartoon. So long as the amount of good content stays marginally above the amount of bad, people will recognize Netflix as a service with "good" content.

It's a high risk, high reward strategy that has been paying off so far. Kind of funny too if you're into stocks. Because of the high risk strategy, most people are bearish on NTFX even though almost every quarter has resulted in a higher sub count than company projections.

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THe only thing worth watching on any of the Disney networks is the Ducktales reboot, which is pretty good to be honest. Nick hasn't been good in 6 years, mainly focusing on the trainwreck that is Spongebob. CN really hasn't had anything good over the past few years either. Don't really know why that is. I think that Netflix gives the content creators more freedom to create their content, rather than saying 'you must do this'. Netflix seems like they take a more hands off approach.

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