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Misty Rose

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I am gonna redo this, uhm, okay this'll be a sorta long list so be prepared lol(Btw i'll probably add more as I think of them) I THINK I HAVE THE LARGEST LIST HERE LOLLL

Rainbow Blitz(Not a canon character, but he's a MLP character)

Soarin from MLP: FiM

FeatherBangs from MLP: FiM

Shining Armor from MLP:FiM

Discord from MLP: FiM

Miles Morales from Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse

Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic

Sonic from Sonic

Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic

Leonardo from TMNT(2012 version)

Raphael from TMNT(2012 version)

Robin from Teen Titans

Todoroki from MHA

Zuko(When he had short hair, not the ponytail) from ATLA

Beast Boy from Teen Titans GO

Guy from The Croods

Flynn Ryder from Tangled

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug

Tadashi from Big Hero 6

Marco Diaz from Star Vs The Forces of Evil

Nick Wilde from Zootopia

Balto from Balto

Deku from MHA

Wolf from Bad Guys

Darius from Camp Cretaceous

Kenji from Camp Cretaceous

Darwin from Gumball

Hawkadille from Unikitty

Camilo from Encanto

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