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Misty Rose

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Hey everypony! So I'm just curious because I know some people who have had this experience. Have any of you ever had a crush on a cartoon character? Or have you ever thought a character was SUPER cute. They can be from MLP or from any show out there, but they must be cartoons.


Here's mine. I just think he's really EPICALLY GORGEOUS!! Plus he's been shown in only his undies multiple times so that's just cartoon eye candy for the ladies. I'll salute you and be your friend for life if you identify him.

He just has everything I want in a boyfriend, cool personality, likes to pull jokes, defends his girl no matter what, (yes sadly he's taken sigh :(


So what about you guys? Don't know if I'll get alot of replies to this topic.



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Alright, let's see about mine; not including anime....these are mine:


510907-mordecai_large.jpgMordecai from Regular Show

rarity_01_by_rildraw-d46gzq6.pngRarity from MLP


Octavia_S1E26.pngOctavia from MLP


Princess_Celestia_profile_cropped_S03E01Princess Celestia from MLP


Discord_S03E10.pngDiscord from MLP


Shining_Armor_id_S03E12.pngShining Armor from MLP

Braeburn_S1E21_thumb.pngBraeburn from MLP


JamesTeamRocket.jpgJames from Pokemon



200px-Black_2_White_2_N.pngN from Pokemon (he appeared in the anime/cartoon...so he counts. :P )

(I'm counting Pokemon as a cartoon this time)




Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler:





Death the Kid from Soul Eater:




and Masaomi Kida from Durarara!:








Those are my main ones. :D

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I think this might already be a dead giveaway for me... 


But yeah since this is on topic... Pinkie Pie without a doubt. Funny, great personality, always joyful, always there for others, caring, and more. She is just awesome in everyway :3






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Interesting list. Seriously though I just don't get what everybody sees about Braeburn. First person I've seen to have a crush on Discord. I CONGRATULATE YOU FRIEND!! Same goes for James.

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I just don't get what everybody sees about Braeburn


Well...to me he kind of looks lime Neil Patrick Harris as a pony, and since he's one of my favorite actors, I would like a character that reminds me of him. xD 

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From an anime stand point I liked  Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied




A correlation to Pinkie Pie? Yes in certain aspects... I can relate to both characters in a lot of ways to be honest.


ps if you like anime I recommend you try out elfen lied... but be warned it seriously is not for the faint of heart. It is a very sad anime let me be the first one to say.

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In Mlp,my super big huge enormous crush is Braeburn!




Any other cartoons:


Ash Ketchum from Pokemon



Otonashi from Angel Beats



Kanade from Angel Beats



King dedede and Meta knight from Kirby Right back at ya!




Joey,Bakura,Marik,and maybe Noah from Yugioh




Martin from Martin Mystery



Will list more when i think of them!


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There is so many bishounen and otherwise attractive cartton characters it is almost impossible not to fall for one. It doen't even end with TV, I also found myself falling for game characters as well

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I remember when I was like 11 crushing on Tea from Yu-gi-oh, but I blame the preteen hormones and the fact that her boobs are drawn disproportionately large.


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Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!



Yuri Nakamura from Angel Beats!



Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Braeburn from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



Octavia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic




May post more later.

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Time for my list! Oh boy!


For starters, Queen Chrysalis. I bet it was so obvious. I have the biggest crush on her out of the bunch.



Next, May from Pokemon. I developed a crush on her since I was a kid.



Now here is a kicker. Queen Tyr'ahnee from Duck Dodgers.



And as a last one.Starfire from Teen Titans.



Well, that concludes my crushes. :blush:


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Hawkgirl from Justice League.




Raven from Teen Titans.




Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot.


They're all cute, or awesome in some way. :3

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Crushes on cartoon characters... Oh goodness, I've had just so many. xD


From MLP, my crushes are mainly Big Mac and Discord, Pinkie Pie and Rarity a little bit as well. But from other cartoons... Let's see...


Robin, from Teen Titans





Beast Boy, from Teen Titans





Number 4, from Codename: Kids Next Door





Yami Yugi, from Yu-Gi-Oh





Yoh Asakura, from Shaman King





Zoe Orimoto, from Digimon: Frontier (I believe that was the first girl character I've ever had a crush on)





Danny Phantom, from Danny Phantom





Ember, from Danny Phantom





I know there's more, but I just can't remember them right now... Most of these happened when I was still pretty young and kinda faded away. But it's still very fun to remember them. :P

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By "cartoon crushes" I assume you mean something sort of like a waifu? I dont have too many in cartoons but, I have a fare amount of crushes in anime.


Holo~"Spice and Wolf"









Belldandy~"Ah My Goddess"










Felli~"Chrome Shelled Regios"





Yui~"Angel Beats"




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Truth be told... Celestia... yeah I love Luna sure don't get me wrong, but something about Celestia I just oh man, she gets me going don't know what it is!  friend thinks its the power thing... maybe she is right just maybe be..... or maybe its because she's older and she has all the power yeah that must be it...





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When I was younger I had a crush on Debbie Thornberry... 


As for MLP characters I have a few...


- Celestia 

- Luna

- Twilight 

- Vinyl Scratch

- Octavia

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I don't really have any crushes on MLP (cough shining armor cough), I only have a crush on Transformers :3 I have a crush on Frenzy and Rumble from Transformers G1. They both look so cute!! :P





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Marceline the vampire queen from Adventure Time has always been special to me....


But I also am in love with Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Highschool Host Club

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I have a few


Winry Rockbell, from Fullmetal Alchemist. I love personality, and she's cute too. 



I also crush on Lenalee Lee from D.Gray man. There's just something about her. She's just so cute! I like her personality too.




My third crush is the lovely girl in my avatar picture, Miss Haruhi Suzumiya. I've always though Haruhi was cute, and once again, like the two girls above, I just love her personality! 

Yay for anime girls!  :wub:


Edit: I forgot Korra! She's awesome too!  ^_^

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Where shall I begin? Okay, lets start. (Insanely long list ahead)


First and foremost, Twilight Sparkle. She has a great personality, she's smart, and she's probably very pretty.


(I know what I want for Christmas!)

Then, I have a crush on Stocking Anarchy. One can guess why.


Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy

This is the only one I can do something about. Ifunowatimean.


Princess Bubblegum. Smart and kind, but rough when she needs to be.


Margaret. Just something about her.


And of course, the guy I'd go gay for; fan-favorite, Hot Topic employee of the month: Marshall Lee.


(The genderbend episode was a piece of crap, but w/e.)

Edit: I forgot a few.

Asumi Sato. Rich, pretty, and a good fighter.


Korra. The shows title character. By far the hottest.


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Here's some I remember having:

Misty from Pokémon




Sailor Jupiter...

And then there's my most recent one


The eyes... 
Oh, sweet jaysus, YES! Dem eyes!

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