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Something I noticed about the villain team up this season


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I don't know about you guys, but I am starting to get some serious Digimon vibes in terms of the villain team up. I mean, think about it:

King Sombra is Myotismon

Queen Chrysalis is MetalSeadramon

Cozy Glow is Puppetmon

Lord Tirek is Machindramon

Grogar is Piedmon

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I haven't seen the original Digimon series in quite a long time. However, looking at each of the villains that have returned. I can see how some of them fit the Digimon that was listed. I also think it's interesting how each villain fits the role of each Dark Master Digimon. I don't know if this Digimon was considered to be a Dark Master, but could Queen Chrysalis fit the role of Lady Devimon? 

Do you also think there would be a surprise villain that would be stronger and/or more dangerous than Grogar? A villain that would fit the role of Apocalymon? If not, then would Grogar be similar to both Apocalymon and Piedmon? 

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2 hours ago, twilightsparkle3562 said:

Thought it was okay since the episode already aired, but fine by me.

Still technically spoilers to those who haven't seen it just yet. My general rule is a week until it stops being spoilers for people.

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