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Nearly done - Rainbow Dash joins the set.

Moondrop 💧

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First off, who can ignore that butt? I can't!

I always prefer Rainbow Dash to have her unique eyelashes and you delivered on that one! I think you captured her attitude as well!

The shading on the tail is really cool! Heh looks like mane and tail are made of feathers, it kinda fits!

I am scared how you will do Pinkie Pie. Why do I see her wearing a sailor outfit with your drawing style? :huh:

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17 minutes ago, DripMoondrop said:

Now only Pinkie is left to draw!



Now that is a cool Rainbow Dash. Awesome job!

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6 minutes ago, TheRockARooster said:

I think we can honestly say that Drippy is one of the greatest artists.

Yay to that! :yay:

Also really fast at drawing :twi: (I would use a Sonic emoticon here)

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