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Sombra Lovers! What do you like about the Dark King?

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What I liked about Sombra before they made him all extravagant later on, was that he wasn't given a tragic past, or shown to have some sort of a struggle. Discord wanted to have fun but didn't realize he was lonely. Chrysalis originally wanted to harness Equestria's love for both power and to feed her hive the only way sue knew how. Sombra just mastered "dark magic" and worked to obtain power, and he managed to do it, all by himself.

And we can't forget, in an alternate time line he successfully forced a Equestria into a stalemate through a war of attrition. Most bad ass moment of the entire series.

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Tall, dark, handsome, evil, looks good in a robe, red eyes, vampiric teeth, he flips all the switches!

He needs more attention and fanfiction~

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I like everything except his voice! Gee!


He is over the top badly designed, but in a good way, I guess.


I like that he was truly bad, to stupidity heights

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