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As a 90's kid, I grew up on Edutainment Games like the Jumpstart games (Back when the 4th Grade took place on a Haunted Island), The games from the Learning Company like Reader Rabbit and the Cluefinders, the Super Solver and Treasure games where you foil Morty Maxwell aka the Master of Mischief and the Globetrotting Gentlewoman Thief herself, Carmen Sandiego. Even though I never managed to beat all the games I personally owned in my day, they legitimately made learning fun. 

I personally beat Jumpstart 4, 5, and 6 Grade

Helped the Cluefinders in 3, 4, 5, 6, and Reading

Spoiled the Master of Mischief's fun in Treasure Mountain, Mathstorm, Cove, Galaxy, Super Solver Outnumbered and Mission THINK

And caught Carmen Sandiego herself in Junior Detective Edition, Where in Time, Word Detective and Math Detective

I heard these edutainment games in general are making a comeback in recent years.

So, are there any 90 kids out there or grew up on these games? Which were your favorite? What about anyone young or old who found more recent games? Did they help you retain basic knowledge? Did the characters become like friends to you? What about the Edutainment Games of today

This also includes games like Mario is Missing if there are any one who actually have fond memories of that

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I didn't know about any of the games you mentioned, so I haven't played them. Thanks for sharing your list, I'll check them out.
There's not many good edutainment games these days (at least not that I know of), but I know this one:


It's called "Dragon Box Elements", because it's based on Euclid's "Elements" (the greatest book on geometry that once was the 2nd best seller after the Bible ;) ), and it is supposed to teach kids about geometric constructions and proving geometric theorems. And I think it does its job pretty darn well! Probably because its creators' key idea is to "gamify" mathematics so that it would be fun and challenging. They also made one for teaching basic algebra (you guessed it: "Dragon Box Algebra"), but I don't think it's as great as this one.

There definitely should be more games like this one though. People get dumber and dumber every year... :q

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Probably the only one I had relatively fond memories of was Math Blaster.




Honestly for a game that teaches basic grade school math I remember it being decently engaging. Of course it can never compare to actually good video games but for also being educational, it was pretty solid all things considered. In my mind though I honestly got more out of actual video games than I did most of these.

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I grew up with a series of edutainment games I'm sure none of you know about (unless you're Portuguese like me (maybe even Spanish or Brazilian)). The series name is Aprendilandia/Aprendilândia. It was relatively simple, with a bunch of small minigames that teach kids to read, count, etc.

I had most of the games of the series and I really loved it back then.

aprendilandia episodio 5 teo esta resfriado - YouTube

Now that I look at it, it's pretty terrifying actually...

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I remember Jumpstart and Carmen Sandiego. I was never big on edutainment games, but there are probably a few others that I’m forgetting. 

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There is three I remember, but I don't remember their names except for one! If you know them my nostalgic heart will thank you!

1. Captain Kangaroo's First Life Lessons, this I do remember, the next two are blurrier.

2. Second had a white rabbit as a teacher, and there was songs everywhere you clicked including an interactive clock where the character was doing something different every hour, had an ending jingle too

3. The third one is EVEN BLURRIER, the whole game took place in a carnival, and you needed to play the games most of which were educational and when you had enough tickets you could advance the plot. I never finished it ;;

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