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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


How did you find MLP Forums?

I intentionally googled it.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I've had it recommended to me a couple of times, but I didn't start watching until I'd seen Friendship is Witchcraft.

Hello. I'm old enough to have caught the backlash of the original My Little Ponies. By that I mean I had a couple without ever having watched the cartoons, and my contemporaries were railing against anything trite or frivolous. Or just "too princess-y."

Honestly, it was pretty anti-any-fandom the entire time I was growing up. I'm really glad people have gotten past that.

What really drew me here is the creativity of the fans. I've been doing customs since before anyone used the word, and belong to a lot of OoaK groups. The original content I see related to MLP remains somehow unique from that of other fandoms. And I definitely want to see more.

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Hey Cloud Dreamer, welcome to the forum!

I'm Kadae, I love tea and I love Octavia! I also really liked watching Friendship is Witchcraft way back when, my memories of it are very fond! :fluttershy:

I hope to see your posts around here and that your stay is a fabulous one!

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