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general questions How Will MLP Forums Handle Spoilers Going Into G5?

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I'm wondering how MLP Forums is going to handle spoilers regarding G5. I know G5 discussions are all contained within the G5 forum, but what about status updates, the "new posts" list, and blogs? Those will contain spoilers regarding G5, so will spoilers have to go in the spoilers tag and will the staff enforce that rule? Also, what should be done about the "new posts" list where spoilers could show up since new posts from the G5 forum show up there?

I'm just wondering about these things since the G5 movie will be released soon, and since some MLP Forums users will most likely want to avoid spoilers for it until they watch it themselves.

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I know when Season 9 hit, there was a dedicated forum for it, and some things were hidden. I definitely thought about this too.

Especially once info starts REALLY coming in, and things that are essential to the plot.

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