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science I think you guys might like this


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Fossilized teeth are very common, especially when they're not so old. The enamel in teeth is one of the hardest surfaces in the body, even stronger than bone. Therefore it is more likely to be fossilized and therefore means you are more likely to find teeth than bones at a dig site.

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On 2021-07-11 at 6:47 PM, Paleopony said:

Here is a fossilized horse tooth I got from a gem and mineral show. Not best pony but first pony:PIMG_0798.thumb.JPG.49c47caa0601945b40af1f109afe5947.JPGIMG_0804.thumb.JPG.94267fb89968a7e5b34159e0b6106570.JPG

@Paleopony Only $12.00?! It can't be! Sacrilege! :love:

But how did you get that? Who is selling this at such a low price? :huh:

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