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Hardest kids' game show bonus round.


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What's the hardest kids' game show bonus round?

For me, it's the Temple Run in Legends of the Hidden Temple. There's a reason only 32 episodes out of 120 total had the team successfully getting the artifact out of the Temple. The ONLY bonus round that even comes close is the Map Round in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, at least if it was the Africa map.

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The British medieval themed game show Raven had a bunch of children competing in various trials, with one emerging as the champion at the end of each series.

It had an obstacle course called The Way of the Warrior, which the contestant in last place in each episode would need to get through in order to avoid being eliminated. It was infamous for being nearly impossible to beat.

The show ran for a decade with hundreds of episodes, but you can literally count on one hand the number of contestants (4) who beat The Way of the Warrior.

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