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gaming What is the hardest game you have played?

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So many things to choose from so I will try to approach each one as I see it.


Hardest game enemy: Nemesis Diablo 3 (ROS ONLY) if you're not playing hardcore mode and have been killed at ANY point in the game this monster has a chance to spawn at YOUR LOCATION and anywhere you are is fair game.


The screen and your controller will shake as you hear it let out 3 blood thirsty growls then he will rip open a portal and jump out to attack you and he will often summon clones of you to fight you.

On higher difficulties he is an absolute nightmare to fight more so with your clones.

Oh, and if you're thinking "clones are that bad I've fought..."

Nope, these will spam your best attacks like there's no tomorrow and are far more aggressive in nature.


hardest game for general playing is easily ghost and goblins just anything being one hit kill and one use armor is brutal.


Hardest difficult game on higher difficulties left 4 Dead 2 expert.mode. if the AI director just hates you that day expect hell. 

Doesn't matter your skill level if multiple tanks and other special infected get spawned rapidly after you it WILL wear you down after so many of them assault you 

Hardest Indie game:  for me at least it was I wanna be the guy. 


and that's my hardest game list. 



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Final Fantasy VII

On a serious note, I think the hardest game I played was either Stargazers or Hydlide, both on the NES. Both are extremely unfairly difficult because you need to do a lot of grinding to move on in both games. A wrong encounter with the wrong enemy will end your game in mere seconds. Both have a weird password save system: the former doesn't save your levels, and the latter has an agonizingly slow password screen that doesn't allow inputs for some frames after a letter was used. NES Hydlide also has a "save/load" feature, but you have to practically save every couple steps because of how haphazardly done the combat is in that game. It also has no SRAM, so if you lose power, the game freezes or something else happens, you're forced to use the password.

Another candidate for the hardest game I've played: Heroes of the Lance, also an NES game. Did you lose Goldmoon, the healer the game put in the front row for no discernible reason? Well, you're screwed because she's the only one who can kill the final boss! There's bottomless pits that if your character falls in, they're permanently dead.

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