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Who Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Disney Ducks?


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My favorite Disney Ducks are:

  1. Della Duck 
  2. Donald Duck
  3. Darkwing Duck (90's version) 
  4. Scrooge McDuck
  5. Daisy Duck
  6. Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck) 
  7. Louie (DuckTales 2017)
  8. Webby Vanderquack (DuckTales 2017)
  9. Morgana Macawber (Darkwing Duck)

My least favorite Disney Ducks are Gizmoduck and Bubba from both versions of DuckTales. 

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In my case:

Launchpad Mcquack (Both ver)
Darkwing Duck (Both ver)
Gosalyn Mallard (1991)
Goldie O'Gilt (DT2017)
Della Duck

Least fav ducks are Lena and Fenton

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My favorite characters are Huey, Dewey and Louie, Della, Donald, Launchpad, Scrooge, Glomgold, Darkwing duck, Lena, Morgana Macawber, Magica de Spell and Daisy.

My least favorite would also have to be Bubba.

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