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Can you fit the personalities of MLP characters to other tv character?


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Have you ever tried that?


It makes the series very sweet ...or not so much, depending on who you fit that particular character with (be it a friend or another character from a different show with similar characteristics).


(EX: Twilight Sparkle = D.A from Magic School Bus) :P




Beautiful, ain't it?


**Sorry for the mis-plural 'character' going on. Not too professional of me...

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mentioned this in another thread, but the cast of MLP matches the cast of Community nicely


Twilight/Annie = Overachieving, slightly naive bookworm with anxiety issues.


Rainbow/Troy = Confident, loyal jock vainly trying to hide their sensitive side.


Pinkie/Abed = Genre savvy, hyperactive oddball who has trouble communicating to people.


Applejack/Britta = Honest, direct hard worker who's often defiant or self-judgmental.


Fluttershy/Shirley = Gentle, sensitive motherly figure with repressed rage issues.


Rarity/Jeff = Suave, good-looking charmer that's vain to the point of self-obsession.


Spike/Pierce = Greedy, snarky outsider that really just wants to be loved and accepted in the group.


both shows revolve around these very different people becoming friends and dealing with their respective problems


both shows have numerous meta references and easter eggs


Rainbow and Pinkie are shown to have a unique friendship early on, same with Troy and Abed


Spike and Twilight are inseparable, Pierce says Annie's his favourite of the group


Rainbow and Applejack are the most commonly shipped pair, Troy and Britta start a relationship in S3


they occasionally have to work together to defeat: a chaotic mastermind intent on destroying their world, and someone impersonating an authority figure

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Discord reminds me of the joker, for some reason. They both don't necessarily TRY to hurt people, but they mischievously mess with people, and always cause chaos in the middle of it.


Rainbow Dash reminds me of the main kid from the Home Alone movies, even though the kid's a guy. They both enjoy playing pranks, and have similar hyperactive yet fluctuating personalities, but that's just me.

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