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Has MLP made you a better person?


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Indirectly, the butterfly effect works in mysterious ways.

Did that hole in the road that caused me to go down an opposite street where I saw a "for sale" sign I would have never seen on a car that changed my life, change my life? Was it the hole or the car itself that put me behind the wheel of a new journey? It's a matter of perspective...

I'd say "indirectly" MLP has made me both better and worse. Everything is connected in some way.

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I discovered FIM at a very tumultuous time in my life as a teenager, and both the show and community shaped me for the better without a doubt. I would probably be a very lonely and very angry person if not for ponies. The brony community has also been a catalyst to get me out of my shell and try new things I would have otherwise never tried. Friendship is magic!

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