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Are you a Mints or Gum person?


Mints or Gum?  

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  1. 1. Mints or Gum?

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    • I like my breath being nasty!

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So whenever I go to a restaurant with family, everyone always wants a breath freshener afterwards. Half want gum and half want a mint.


I prefer a mint because you don't have to spit it out. Mints I think are much stronger than gum too, since gum loses it's flavor.


Favorite Kind of gum? Least favorite? Favorite Mint? Which mint is stronger?


What do you think?








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Well, I can't stand gum. I think it's absolutely disgusting and I can't stand having something so... *shivers* gooey and gross in my mouth for that long. It triggers my gag reflex instantly.


Oh, sorry, TMI... I do like mints - Lifesavers, Altoids, Tic Tacs, but I've never actually used them to freshen my breath, I've just eaten them like candy. xD I haven't had any of them in forever now, though. Good thing no one has to kiss me, I guess. xD

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I'm Team Gum, here. I either have gum on me at all times or constantly demand gum from other people. People know they can't eat gum around me without offering me a stick. I like mints too, but not as much as I like gum. :derp:

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I can't decide!!!!!


seriously I am a MINT fan! If it's mint gum, I go for it...if it's a minty mint, I go for it too....If presented with both, I have my husband (who doesn't like mint or gum) pick one and give it to me, so i get both....


Seriously mint is my drug...I ate toothpaste as kid because it tasted so good (better than glue I must say :P )

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It has been quite a few years since my last piece of gum, but nowadays I like to keep a supply of mints around. Mostly for idle munching purposes. I have found these wonderful green tea infused mints which are amazing.

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Both. I can't choose between the two because I've eaten both at the same time a few times. It was weird. But yeah I like both mints and gum. I can't say which helps your breath smell better because I honestly I don't think ones better than the other, I'd say they're the same on freshness seeing as they keep making new flavors and all for both so it's hard to say which works better.

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