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More Themes?


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I have noticed on the little footer of the web site that we only have 3 main themes, the regular theme, the IPS theme, and the mobile theme (not really a theme though).

I'd like to ask if there are going to possible be any pony-oriented themes (Rarity, Pinkie Pie, etc.) that might make the site richer and more customizable.

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Although not a bad idea, and it would be cool, I will post some things I've asked and received responses for that need to be taken into account:


Each theme that is added requires additional maintenance. Making sure a theme stays consistent, is designed well and survives IPBoard upgrades is paramount. Additionally, every theme created requires effort to build assets for, so it essentially takes time. And every theme must be updated for every subsequent addition to the forum, be it an update or an addon.


Just keep in mind that more themes means more work. An old IP Board powered forum I went to had several themes, but one was less functional because it wasn't the default theme. Simply time constraints kept the admin from making the necessary changes.


And yes, keep in mind, it might be preferable to control the theme so that user experience stays consistent between users.


Just my thoughts a little.

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Tich spoke on the effort necessary to maintain a variety of themes, but there's another aspect to that which may not be as immediately apparent: branding consistency.


Keeping the site locked into one look (for the most part... we do offer the default IP.Board theme for those of you who need a more discreet look at work or school) means that people spend more time looking at a single design. The more they see that design, the more strongly they associate it with MLP Forums.


The implications of this consistent branding become greater the larger the site grows. To many users, the people and conversations here define the identity of MLP Forums. Although less obvious, the visual appearance of MLP Forums plays a large role in the site's identity as well. Offering multiple themes (and for that matter, allowing users to "personalize" the site in almost any significant way) would dilute the definition of what exactly MLP Forums is, and is something that would need to be considered extremely carefully.


For something as fundamental as the colours and overall design of every little bit of the site, losing that as part of our identity just isn't worth it.

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Maybe we can make it so we just change the banner? There was one banner I really really liked but now it's gone :o, and it would be nice to personalize the banner. Once one person submits a banner you can add another banner option, for example if you chose this banner, but then this banner was submitted, a new option to chose this banner as the top banner would be available on the banner drop-down box.

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