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I wrote this over five months ago. I call this a concept piece, for it is not a full fledged fanfiction. In fact, it is a short two paragraphs, addressing a specific matter in an allegorical fashion. It is my second fanfiction I have uploaded to the internet (see the link on my profile for details). I began writing a third one a grade ago back in 9th grade, on my TI-nspire CX CAS graphing calculator, but never finished it, nor uploaded it anywhere. I do plan to continue writing more in the future, both concept pieces such as this one, and full-fledged fanfictions. 


Now, without further ado, I present to you, We Are The World Of Light.




We Are The World Of Light

A soft melody whispered through the grass, borne along by a gentle breeze. A few clouds slept overhead, precursors to the distant, comforting rumbling in the distance, heralding some light rain to come. The warm sun slowly descended out of sight, making room for the beautiful, celestial blanket to rest on Equestria. Fluttershy looked over her shoulder, seeing Ponyville's glowing lights fading into existence, harmonizing with the stars above them. She smiled, so happy to be living in such a peaceful world. Turning her gaze forwards, she found the sparkling sight of Canterlot far in the distance, cascading rainbows across the mountain that held it so dearly. A tiny Princess Luna appeared, soaring up into the sky. Fluttershy knew that she was going for one of her beloved night flights, to explore this vast realm of light at the eventide.


Fluttershy walked forwards, entering into a field adjacent to Ponyville. The stars shone above, heavenly bodies of wondrous magnitude, gladly bathing Equestria with their light. Fluttershy stood in this field, soaking in this celestial light, this love. She began to wonder how it was possible for this world to be so beautiful. She wondered how it was possible for a new wonder to be around every tree, in every meadow, in every street in Ponyville. Then, the answer came to her: the inhabitants of Equestria had chosen to create their own wonders within themselves, and share them with others. There was a Ponyville within every one of them, a Canterlot, a sun, a moon, a song dancing through the grass at night. They had chosen love over hatred, and now were able to live in a world of such joy. Fluttershy began to dance with happiness, gazing at all of the beauty and wonder around her. She ended up laying on her back, panting for breath while gazing into the starry night above. She saw many lights, some brighter than others. And she hoped, those spinning worlds sleeping beyond the dusk, would one day choose to awaken to as bright a day as she did each morning.

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