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technology Samsung Youm - Flexible Displays


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I think this should have been Media Discussion, but since no topic prefix works for this thread I'm creating it here.


Anyways, at CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show) Samsung showed something that has never been done before - Flexible HD screens. They are launching a new brand of products with flexible screens with the name "Youm"


I don't really need to say much about it, just watch these two videos.






So, what do you think about this new technology?

Will it be useful?

Do you have any cool ideas about what this could be used for? (Any product ideas?)

Will Samsung start dominating the market?


I should also mention that these screens are very durable. They easily survive some hammering on them.

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Wow! That's amazing! Looks like alien technology is really reaching us!


Apple can hide now that samsung has found this new technology... No more breaking glass screens, even though, i do believe glass screens would be better from free touch displays...

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See, i knew 2013 was the real future. 

From all the crazy looking cars coming out, to all the amazing new technology.

I WANT THAT PHONE! Or is it a phone?

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