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How much would you pay for my MLP crafts?

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So i want to make a Etsy and sell some MLP things i made, right now i'm gonna ask about 3 things but i'm going to be making more (Like a felt Element of harmony necklace!) So here are the 3 things: 


1: A princess Twilight polymer clay figure (can be a necklace) and its a tiny bit smaller then the MLP blind bags you get (also later will post Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash)


2: Rainbow Dash heart necklace, i will also make other characters


3: Rainbow Dash hat (will fix the mane up)


So please tell me what you would pay for these things! :) 





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To give you my honest opinion, I wouldn't pay for any off them right now.


They are all right inbetween the "new" and "experienced". One can see that you put in some effort, but it's not quite there yet.


I do encourage you to continue though and keep everyone updated of your progress smile.png

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