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Member search - Find by Location


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I very often see people who make threads on the forums where they're asking if there are any users in their area/state/country on here.


I have this suggestion..


If you look at this picture of the advanced search function:



You will see that when searching for members, you can specify words, author and date.

Is there any way (there must be, come on guys) to add a "Find by location"?


This would solve so many things and it would be amazing to have. I know there are some threads for saying where you live, and also the MLP Forums meetup map. But not everyone sees those or are even aware that they exist.


I know that not everyone writes where they are from, but if this could be done, it would be amazing.


Many of my suggestions has been answered with


It's useless and the staff are too busy to make new features.

And that's cause many of them are just time wasters for the staff.


But I feel that this is a small feature, that would make a big change. At least for me. I'm sure others would appreciate it too. It's not just another unnecessary feature. It will actually have some use. Cause who visits every user's profile to see their location? Maybe this would encourage more users to put their real location so they can find eachother more easily.




inb4 another dream gets ruined



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It sounds like an easy to implement type thing, and I don't see the harm really, although alot of members don't even give out their true location on their profile(Like me :P) so it may not be terribly useful, but eh if it isn't that hard to add I don't see why not :).

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Displaying your location and letting somebody index it are two different things and one does not imply the other.


I am comfortable of letting people know where I approximatively live trough my profile but I don't want anyone know more without asking me. Once you allow search by location that sort of control is over. Of course I imply that it wouldn't use the location field you have on your profile but rather something more precise like Geolocation trough IP. ( To country level for example. )

The reason I imply that is because you put in what ever you want into the profile field and thus rendering it's usefulness nil.

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I would be fine with it so long as the members have full control through the settings as to whether or not their location is searchable, some people don't mind letting others know that information while some don't want that information to be public and that should be respected.

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I really like this idea.   There wouldn't be anymore threads asking people where they've been.  If it is implemented though I think it should only have locations that are readily available on the profile, as you don't have to put it in.  Or search by state, or state region and not cities. 

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