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Private Blessing (RP)


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Equestria has been changing. Evolving, even. The creatures from within Everfree are growing, and could take out Equestria in a matter of minutes. It was only so long until the world was plunged into chaos and darkness. And the ponies above have noticed it. Angel ponies. But out of all of these angel ponies, only one had the power to help. And it would cost a lot to do so. She sighed her last breath, and her blessing was given out to multiple ponies over Equestria. She only hoped she had chosen correctly.


1:55 pm. Ponyville Market. 


A faint golden glow emitted from a cyan-maned pony while he was shopping. So much for starting a normal life. Ponies backed away, scared, but he just stood there. If this was something bad, then so be it. No point in running away, as it didn't seem to be a lifeform, rather a kind of magic. He closed his eyes, ready for what ever happened next, and vanished off of the face of Equestria.


0:00. ???


Goldseek fell to the ground in... somewhere. He looked around. Nothing. There was nothing there. Just darkness. A soft voice spoke. "I'm very sorry for any inconvenience. Your help is needed. More will be explained when everypony arrives." Goldseek was about to argue, then just nodded. "I understand. And no, it was no trouble." He was curious though. What was his help needed for. And who else was coming?


(OOC: Kay guys, this is where you enter. A similiar thing will happen, with you being teleported out of time. So post about that. K? Also, I would prefer if you used a similiar system as I have, stating the time and place. And, of course, it's going to be around 2 o'clock.)

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1:58pm. Cloud cluster 4km away from Cloudsdale

Twister had finally bucked her 50th cloud of the day. She had been looking forward to the preparations for one of the clearest days of the year. Lately the trees had seemed to be acting odd, so her committee had begun to clear the skies for them to get some sunshine. She breathed a sigh of relief and calmly began her flight back to Cloudsdale. Suddenly, she looked down and noticed a golden glow around her front hooves, and looked to see that her whole body was surrounded by this golden glow. She panicked, "What's going on? What's wrong with me?" She zig-zagged back and forth and suddenly felt a force pulling her towards the Earth. She tried to fight the force by using all of her remaining wing power to try and soar back up. It was useless. Her heart began to race as she proceeded to hurdle further and further towards the ground...


0:00 ...???

There was no impact. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, she appeared to be in an area of blackness. "Hello? Is anypony here?" She began to tremble with fear. What if I'm stuck here forever? What of my family? My friends? 

"Be not afraid." A soft voice spoke to her, "you will know your purpose once everypony else arrives, I have an important plan."

She could not help but feel afraid. She frantically looked around and saw another pony in the distance, one with a cyan-coloured mane. "Hello?" She shouted. Was this a dream? Would this pony even hear her?

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Ponyville: 1:57 PM


Max was just finishing painting the bedroom of his neighbors. He offered to help them with it, since hiring a painter was too expensive for them to afford.

"Aaaaaaand.....Done." Max said through gritted teeth as he spit out the brush. He flew back to admire his handy work. The room was a nice pale lime color now.

"You did a good job Max." It was the earth pony and his wife that had just entered the room.

"And your sure you don't want any payment?" The cream red mare asked.

"Nah, just glad I could help." Max said.

"Well, we cant thank you enough M-" before he finished, a glowing orb flew into the room. It wasn't blindingly bright, but it was enough to make you look away.

"What is that?" the mare asked.

"I don't know. I am going to try and get closer." Max said, trying to stay calm. He flew closer to the orb, trying to get a better look at what it is.


Location Unknown: Time Unknown


In an instant, he found himself in a void, floating in nothingness. He didn't need his wings to float either. All he saw was a few other ponies and what looked to be a spirit of sorts.

"What...happened. Where are we?"

"You and many other ponies are needed for the defense and preservation of Equestria. All will be revealed in due time." The spirit said in a mellow tone.

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Trottingham, 2:00pm


Clover looked around her home and sighed. She had spent the morning working hard on new spells and the mess had to be seen to be believed. She had no choice; she'd have to start cleaning up. Just as she was about to levitate a broom with her magic, she saw a golden glow around her hooves. Before she had a chance to back away, cry out, or anything, she was whisked away.


0:00, ???


Everywhere was almost blindingly white as Clover stumbled into a strange place. "Where am I? What's going on?" she said, looking about to try and focus on something to work out where she was. A voice spoke, quite near her. "You have been chosen for the protection of Equestria," it said. "Do not be afraid. All will soon be revealed."

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Downtown Ponyville, 2:04 PM


Rush was roaming around downtown, checking out all the beautiful mares. Eventually he walked up to the one that he decided was the prettiest and started flirting with her. It seemed to be going quite well until suddenly she opened her eyes wide and started backing away from him, seemingly afraid for whatever reason.


"What is it? I'm not that bad am I?"


She just pointed at his hooves, which were now glowing. Soon the glow spread to the rest of his body and suddenly he disappeared.


0:00 ???


When he woke up, Rush was floating in some sort of strange black abyss. He had no idea what was going on, but he doubted it was anything good.


"What the- Where am I?", he shouted angrily, almost as if challenging the darkness surrounding him.


"Don't be afraid. All will be explained soon enough."

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Manehattan: 2:00 AM, in Phil Noir's Sepia's Services


Phil Noir was sitting in his desk, laid back in his over sized, pleather chair, hind hooves propped up, and his fedora covering his face, asleep. 


"Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...... don't feed tha....." 


"Wake up"


"Hm? Wha?" Phil wkaes with a start to see a glowing, smokey mist in front of him. "Look lady, I don't care if my sign says open at all times, ponies need to sleep sometime." He start to rub his eyes and sits in an upright position. "And please put that cigarette out. Stinks up the place." A puff of smoke hits him in the face, obscuring his vision. "What the hell-"


0:00 ???


"was that for ya dumb broad? By Celestia's Cupcakes why would you... you...." Phil looks up and about, seeing nothing but black. He slumps back in his chair, awestruck. "take me to.... Where am I?"


"I am one who cares that your services are available at all times. You detective, are now on the case."

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Manehattan: 1:45 PM, "Batepony Mergers, Acquisitions and Shipments" Office.

     Marble sat in his corner office, rattling out letter after letter to various clients and companies. He had been managing shipments non-stop for the past three days, struggling to keep up with demand. He had three tons of Marble being shipped to Canterlot, two to Las Pegasus, nine cartfulls of apples from some farm town in the middle of nowhere being shipped to every major trade city in the kingdom, and he had to manage all these separately with the slow as molasses mail system. He dumped another heap of parchment into the box next to his desk. He was preparing to get up for a mid-day coffee, when his assistant opened the door. "Mister Stripe? We just received an anonymous package for you." Marble took the parcel, and his assistant left the room. He could see it glowing at the edges, and he could feel some sort of presence inside of it. "Probably another petition." he grumbled, dropping it on his desk for later. He had received several angry letters and a petition from a town down south after it received a shipment of rotten apples. Marble left the office, and headed to a nearby cafe. "I'll take a mocha, hold the cream." He ordered, having had a stressful day. he waited a moment, and the deskpony handed him his drink. "Here's your parcel." "What?" Marble asked, perplexed. "Erm... You coffee?" "Oh..." Marble replied. He must have misheard her. He paid the mare, and went back to the office. "Welcome back, Mr. Parcel." one of the office workers remarked. "Uh... My name's Mr. Stripe." Marble said, more confused than before. "That's what I said." The office drone remarked, annoyed. Marble walked toward his office at an increased rate. He didn't know what was happening, and he deemed it best to get the day over with. "Oh, Mr. Parcel! The parcel is parcel parcel..." one of his co-workers started to ramble. Marble didn't stop. He was confused and frightened. Everything around him sounded like "parcel" now. His hurried pace turned into a trot, and then a gallop. Co-workers swore and shouted at him as he ran past, completely disregarding everything around him. Marble got to his office, and snatched the package off on his desk. He tore the wrapping open to find a glowing, yellow orb inside. "What the hay..." He muttered, in awe. Then, suddenly, the orb rushed into his chest, and his hooves began to glow, and then his eyes, and then his entire body! And all of a sudden, with a flash, he was gone.

0:00 ???

"Wha- Where am I? What they hay did you do to me!?" Marble shouted, exasperated.

"Calm down. All will be explained soon."

((Please ignore my lack of blue.))

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Ponyville's Bar: 2:10 AM


"Hey, Berry, another Pipe. Extra blueberries." Chippy said with a growl as she slammed her drink on the table.


"I can't believe you found out how to make your favorite drug into a drink.." Berry said with a roll of her eyes. "Don't you think you had enough?"


"Don't sass me, Berry." Chippy said, shooting berry a death glare.


"I have a right to refuse orders, you know..." Berry told Chippy with her trademark 'Shut up' smile.


"I know you, Berry." Chippy told Berry with a raise of an eyebrow. "I've been going her for years. You won't refuse my offer."


Berry snorted. "What if I do?"


"You lose my business."


Berry gritted her teeth, before going to make another Pipe. After a minute, she was done.


"What's this?" Chippy asked, while pointing to an odd yellow orb in the drink.


"...What's what?" Berry asked as she stared into the drink.


"...Nevermind." Chippy mumbled, thinking she was going nuts. She chugged down the drink with a sigh, but she started to glow.


"Chippy?!" Berry shouted, reaching for Chippy, but with aflash, she wasn't there anymore.


???: ???


Chippy awoke in an pitch black place.


"I am officially going nuts." She told herself with a grumble.


"You aren't."


"WHAT IN THE NAME OF UNYSAI IS THAT?" Chippy asked, holding up her hooves in defense. An odd mist appeared in front of her.


"...A hostile little zebra, aren't you?"






"I'm the biggest, baddest zebra."




"And no mist ain't telling me what to do! I'll grind you into applesauce!"



Chippy suddenly found herself gagged, and in her defense, she hit the mist, which then she was magically tied up on a chair.


"mmmf!" Chippy muttered, and attempting to struggle to get out, but she couldn't.


"Now sit down and be quiet. I'm having second thoughts about choosing a mad zebra."


Chip Away didn't even want to make sense of that, so she just stayed put and thought of crying foals.

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Those Cave Systems Beneath Ponyville, 1430 hours...


White Rose took this opportunity to wipe the sweat from her forehead. There had been a minor demonic issue beneath Ponyville, and it had fell down to her to root it out.

But of course it wasn't that easy.

That, "Small demon?" Turns out that he was a demon lord, consolidating his power. A large beast with the power of chaos strengthinging it's every move. And it was getting stronger by the second.

This demon prince- who's name was Ixrath was creeping along on his tentacles that replaced his legs. "Come out, come out, little pony..." it whispered in a gurgling whisper. "Your swords may bite, but they are only scratches against me."

She silently slid out from her hiding spot, positioning herself behind him, dual swords out. The demon cackled as it neared the end of the tunnel. "You are running out of places to hide and sneak..." it whispered, echoing around the tunnel.


"Oh, really?" White Rose responded, then struck with her swords. It turned around just in time to get a blade in its many-eyed head.


"Ahh! It burns! It burns!" the being screamed as it pulled itself off of her blade. With it's head split in half, it looked all the more disconcerting. "You will pay for that... with your soul!" it screamed, charging her with a pair of large, black claws.


The battle continued for several minutes before White was disarmed of one of her weapons. It clanged over against the wall, several meters away. "Now you die..." it hissed menacingly, drawing out it's claw. She took this opportunity to smite the thing with a large cleave downwards- as it clawed through her armor and into her chest. Time seemed to freeze as the demon's essence was destroyed, and White went flying backwards. She slid down the wall, leaving a streak of blood behind her. Before she lost consiousness, she thought she heard someone calling her name...


???, ???? hours...


She woke up in a large, black room. The pain had left her. SHe couldn't tell it this was good or bad.


"This seems... interesting."


"You are not dead."


She flinched as she heard the voice echoing around. "Really? Thanks for the reassurrance. Where am I, exactly?"


"You will find out in due time. Please, have a seat."


She looked around and found a chair had materialized in the black room. She walked over to it and sat down, waiting for what might come next.


((Finally! Post Complete!))

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0.00 ???

"Oh good. You're finally all here. Now, I shall explain. The creatures of Everfree are growing stronger. Unnaturally so. I have called upon you all to take care of this issue. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I will be unable to guide you through the forest, as what I am about to do will end my own life. You will have to find each other once more after we leave this place. Now, I shall grant you with a power, increasing your ability in a certain trait. However, should you abuse this new found power, you will be forced to make a decision. That is all I can say for now. Good luck."

"Wait! Where is everypo-"


1:56 pm Ponyville Market

"-ny." Ponies around Goldseek looked at him as though he was crazy. "Uh... Nevermind me." Okay. That was odd. Now then, how should he find a group of ponies of which their whereabouts was unknown. That could be a problem. He trotted towards his home. He had a feeling his sword would be a requirement on this oncoming journey.

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Location Unknown: Time Unknown

"For you Max, you will find what you need back at your cottage. It is part of the ability I am going to bestow upon you. Goodbye."

"Wait, what will I fi-"


Ponyville: 2:02 PM

"-nd in my house?" Max looked around and saw he was standing just outside of his neighbors home. Max quickly trotted home and saw on the dining table something very foreign. It looked like some weird, far future armor. It looked like a gloves with strange glowing lines on them, a metal pack that fit snugly on his back, a red hardhat with more glowing lines, a pair of light blue tinted goggles, some metal covers for his legs, a vest with many different mechanical pieces and devices, and finally a crimson red jumpsuit with more glowing blue lines. These lines that were found on the equipment glowed a light blue, and even his goggles lit up when he put them on. Only parts of his face and mane were visible under the equipment he found. Pulling the pack off, Max saw two icons on a little touch pad on the front: one was a pony, the other was a weird looking mech thing. He would test these later, as he had to find the others. Returning the device to his back, Max trotted out and began looking around Ponyville.

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0:00 ???

"Twister, you shall find your power immediately upon your return. With this power, you may be able to find the others first."

Twister shouted into the darkness, "Wait, what?! What do you mean by pow-"

2:00pm, 800m above Cloudsdale

"-er..." Twister opened her eyes and noticed that she was shooting upwards. She ground to a halt and looked down. Was that just real? Creatures of the Everfree...the land where the weather controls itself?! Others? Twister decided to try taking off back towards Cloudsdale. As she gave her wings a single flap, she shot forward towards where she needed to go. She immediately stopped. "What the-?" She tried again except this time she flapped her wings to go downward and she began soaring down towards the Earth. She pulled out of a nose dive just above the trees of the Everfree forest. This speed...this must be it! Since she was so close to Ponyville at the time, she decided to begin her search for the others there. She gave her wings a flap and she went soaring towards Ponyville and stopped herself in front of the town hall. Where's the most common place for people to be in this town? She wondered. She looked around to see if anypony was acting strange at all...

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2:03 PM Ponyville Market


Suddenly Rush was back in the market, right where he had been standing before. The mare he had been flirting with was gone, and the ponies that were still around were staring at him.


Did that really happen? It sure was... weird. I guess I should try to find the others. Hopefully some of them live in Ponyville.


Not really knowing where to start, he wandered the market, hoping that he would get lucky and spot one of the ponies from... whatever that was.

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"The power you will be granted you will find inside you," whispered the voice. "You will be given more magic than you ever had before".


2:05pm Trottingham.


In just a minute, Clover found herself back in her own house, feeling somewhat dazed. "Just what happened?" she thought, in surprise. "And I was given a gift... more magic?"


The unicorn put herself to the task of cleaning her house. Much to her surprise, the task was easier; the broom, duster and mop seemed to move almost of their own accord when she wished it.

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Manehattan: 2:04 AM, in Phil Noir's Sepia's Services


Phil blinks as soon as the mysterious voice stops, finding himself back in his office. "That, was bucking wierd." He looks down on at his desk and spots a medium sized, black pleather suitcase. briefcase. "What tha?"


Phil opens the suit case. Inisde, there is a silver carbine, a manila folder with some paper edges sticking out of it, and a sack of bits. On top of the folder is a note. 


"You will need their help. Find them, and protect them. I will provide you more information when I can. PS: Don't worry about ammo."


Phil picks up the gun and starts to examine it. On the handle of the gun, he spots his cutie mark on one side, and on the other, he spots his detective badge. He sets the gun aside and picks up the sack of bits, and looks inside, "There must be a couple a hundred bits in there...." He puts the sack beside his gun and opens the folder. Inside, there are pictures of several random ponies, with their names and locations. 


"Let's see, Rush, Goldspeak....." Phil mumbles bit, "Looks like most of these ponies live in Ponyville. Guess that's where I'm heading to next."


Phil packs the suitcase, alongside his normal detective gear, and heads out the door. "Next stop, the train station."

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Outside the door to his cottage, Max got an idea.

"Maybe I have some equipment that can find them." He thought to himself. Max pulled his pack off again, and upon looking on the touch screen, came to the conclusion that maybe the pony icon was an ability booster. He presses the pony icon, and a message comes up saying. "PLACE MECH PACK ON FLAT SOLID SERVICE AND STAND BACK." Max placed it out near the road, and got back. The mech pack unfolded, and began a self constructing sequence. It was forming some sort of robot. The machines and pieces forming into place, with mechanical buzz accompanying it. After about 10 seconds, the mech is fully formed. It looks like a robot version of Max, minus the wings. Its eyes-identical to the glowing goggles Max was wearing- come on, glowing just like his. It trotted over like a normal pony would, if not a little stiffer.

"M8-X Sentry Unit ready for deployment. Awaiting further orders." Max was a little thrown off by this, but then got another idea.

"I need you to locate these ponies," Max said, holding up a photo of the other ponies that came with the armor.

"And bring them back here." M8-X's eyes brought out a scanner, and he carefully scanned the photo.

"New Objective: Locate remaining forces and return them to base. Commencing mission now." The mech quickly rushed off, beginning a thorough search of Ponyville for the others. All Max could do was wait. He looked into some of the pockets in his vest, and in one of the larger ones, pulled out what appeared to be a nail gun. Max, curiosity taking over, aims it a nearby tree, and fires. It shoots out and pierces through the tree, sticking into the one behind it.

"Hmm, looks like this could function as a make-shift firearm. Sweet." Max thought aloud, returning it to its pocket.  

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Twister looked at the ponies around her. Hmm... nothing quite that noticeable. Maybe if I get to a better vantage point? She flapped her wings and soared up into the sky. Within a second she was about 600 metres above Ponyville! Oh man...I've gotta learn how to get these things under control. With that, she flapped her wings as gently as she could and she began flying quickly towards the Ponyville market. She landed but the force with which she landed was causing her to skid...right towards Applejack's apple stand! With all of her might she thrusted all four of her hooves in front of her and halted just inches away from the stand. Applejack gave her a curious look. "Listen, if yer that excited to buy some apples perhaps I can make ya a deal..."


"Oh, n-no thank you!" Twister said as she staggered backwards towards the center of the market. She looked around once more. If only I could look around from the top of a building without looking conspicuous... She looked up and saw that she could potentially sneak a peek from behind the smaller part of the roof of Sugarcube corner. She slowly tip-toed behind the building and put a hoof to the wall. If I try to fly up...I may go too high. But I don't think I can climb with my hooves. Then again, maybe this speed I have will effect my hooves too? She braced her leg muscles for climbing. With a start, she darted up the wall and before she knew it, she was on the roof of Sucarcube corner, overlooking the market.

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2:00 pm Goldseek's Home

Goldseek retrieved his scimitar, which was hung over the brick fireplace. Something felt different as he grabbed it though. It had been a while since he used the blade. Maybe he should give it a test first. See if he was still any good. He equipped the sword in his hoof and moved outside, running at a nearby tree and swinging his blade at it. The sword seemed a lot easier to control, and he could seemingly move it faster then earlier. He remembered the... things... words. 'Grant a power.' He grinned. It seemed it knew a bit about him. His grin faded when he realized he never finished shopping, and he ran back to the market.


2:04 pm Ponyville Market

He looked at the shopping list, which he still had on him for whatever reason. Sugarcube Corner for some cake for a birthday. Right. He walked in the direction of Sugarcube Corner. Eventually, reaching his destination, he walked in.

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Twister looked down and saw the colt with the cyan coloured mane enter Sugarcube corner. She had to do a double take to realize he had a scimitar at his side. That's odd... As she leaned forward, she lost her balance and plummeted towards the ground below, landing on her face.


"ughh" she groaned as she stood up. I've gotta follow him...he could be one of us!


Twister tried to casually shake off her fall as if nothing happened and entered Sugarcube corner. She pretended to look at some cupcakes in the showcase while she listened carefully for anything strange. She couldn't explain the feeling she had...some sort of premonition that this pony had to be part of this new "power clan." 


Does this make me a stalker? Or am I doing the right thing? Only one way to find out...

She continued to watch the colt going about his business but tried to remain inconspicuous.

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@@Coffee Cream, @,

M8-X mech was sweeping through Ponyville, making its way into Sugarcube Corner. Inside, he notices two ponies. He approaches them both, scanning them in a blue light.

"IDENTIFICATION COMFIRMED. REPORT TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTION" The mech printed out two sheets from its mouth, and sped off to find the remaining ponies.

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Ponyville Train Station: 1:55


Phil steps off of the train and onto the platform. He pulls the photos from the dossier. "Alright, most of these ponies should be somewhere in this town. Better get started." He puts a red licorice stick into his mouth, throws his suit case onto his back, and starts trotting towards town.


Ponyvile Market: 2:00


"Listen, if yer that excited to buy some apples perhaps I can make ya a deal..."   "Oh, n-no thank you!" The mare staggered backwards towards the center of the market. She looked around once more."


Phil flips through the pictures and finds one that looks like the startled mare. "Twister eh? Hey lady are you-" By the time he looked up, she was gone. 'For Celestia's sake.' He walks up the mare selling apples. "'Scuse me miss, have you seen this pony? It's kinda important I talk with her."


Applejack gives Phil an odd look. "Is she in some kind of trouble?" She gives him a look over. "Might ah ask why, yer lookin' for her in tha first place?"


"Listen toots, as far as I can tell, she's ain't in any trouble. And for your second question, she's an acquaintance of mine."


"Ah don't like bein called toots."


"Sorry for my rudeness ma'am. A lack of sleep can put ponies on a bit of an edge. I'm sure a working mare like you would understand."


"That ah do. Ah think she went thata way." Applejack points off towards Sugarcube Corner.


"Thank you kindly."  Phil tips his hat, and makes his way towards Sugarcube Corner.


Sugarcube Corner: 2:05


Phil walks into Sugarcube Corner, places another licorice stick into his mouth like a farmer and a piece of hay, and starts to look around. "Let's see, I'm looking for a Twister." He spots Twister holding a piece of paper while trying to act sneaky, and trots over to her.


"Hey lady, you're Twister right? If you're tryin to be inconspicuous, you're doin a terrible job." He examines the stallion with the scimitar. "Wait a minute," He pulls out Goldseek's photo. "You're Goldseek right?

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Twister tilted her head to the side as she read the location on the memo sheet. Cottage eh? Well then I guess I'll just slip out of here and...

She was stopped by another pony chewing on a piece of licorice. "Hey lady, you're Twister right? If you're tryin to be inconspicuous, you're doin a terrible job."

Twister scratched the back of her head with her front hoof and said, "acting inconspicuous...what ever do you mean?" She shifted her eyes back and forth then made eye contact with this pony. "And how do you know my name?"

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M8-X was about to leave when it detected another pony enter. Approaching, it scans him in the same brilliant light as before.

"INDENTIFACTION CONFIRMED. REPORT TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTION" And once again printed the address on a sheet, giving it to the 3rd pony. Satisfied, M8-X heads out to find the others.

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@@LeJAKoJAK@@Coffee Cream,

(OOC: You kinda travelled back in time there. I'll let it slid this time, as it's difficult keeping up when we aren't in a group.)

Sugarcube Corner 2:07

"That would be me." He turned, to see one of the ponies that were present at the place, which he was calling the void. Actually, looking around, he noticed there was another one. "Oh, well this is a great start." He looked at a piece of paper that a small robot thing had dropped. An address. There was another on the ground too. "Addresses. I may as well be off then." He started to leave Sugarcube Corner. Cake could wait.

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@@Coffee Cream, @,



"I know your names from these pictures." Phil holds up the photos of Goldseek and Twister. "I woke up last night in my office, taken to some void where I was hired by an invisible client, then taken back to my office where I found a suitcase, with these photos inside. All I know is that I'm supposed to find, and protect you guys." Phil looks at the note on the ground and picks it up. "An address eh?" 


He sees that Goldseek is heading out the door, with a note in hoof. "Hey bub, ya mind waiting for the rest of us?  If I'm supposed to protect you guys, we should stick together. On top of that," The stallion waves the note, "I'm going to need some help getting to this place. I have no clue where anything is around here."


(OOC: Sorry about the time skip. I thought that it would help explain why Phil showed up at Sugarcube Corner, rather than just having him randomly appear there. I highly, highly, doubt that I'll do another time jump.)

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