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A few more suggestions with the blogs

Dark Qiviut

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Of my three blogs, one of them has comments (from members and Section Moderators) moderated and hidden from public till I either approve it, delete it, or report it. One of my blogs has comments disabled and another blog's comments are unfiltered. In the one where comments are moderated, any comment posted will give me a notification. But for Dark Qiviut's Columns, unless it's a global mod or administrator, I get no notification and constantly have to go to the "Manage Blogs" setting in my control panel to see if anyone commented.


Brohoofs for blogs are another. I get absolutely no notification for brohoofs in my blog or blog comments, either my own or someone else's blog.


So I have these suggestions:

  1. An option to be notified of comments in blogs that have comments moderated/filtered. Furthermore, if you post a comment that needs approval, you get a notification that the comment you posted has been approved for public viewing or removed.
  2. An option to receive notifications of brohoofs for your blogs and your blog comments.
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All of this has been brought up before, numerous times. Like status updates, blogs lack numerous convenience features found elsewhere in the forum. No notifications for comments (moderated or not), and brohoofs, are among these things. I'm pretty sure its' on the To Do List in one shape or form.

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