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Pegasus Sneak Quick


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Name:Sneak Quick









Cutie Mark:



Here is a bag of coins to represent his ability to steal items from enemies with high success rates.

Personality: Although he has cutie mark that represents thievery, he actually uses it for good not evil. He is a pretty nice guy and loves getting along with other ponies. He is always trying to win and is a slight sore loser. If any pony hurts his friends, he will make sure they suffer. He also has the problem of being a tad rude at points. If he gets into an argument, he may go too far.


Backstory: He grew up in Cloudsdale as a young pegasus. He was always in a nice neighbor hood and had plenty of friends. You may be wondering why he is a thief then. Well, it all started when he and his friends where accused of murder, (A very serious crime indeed). In order to prove his innocence, Sneak Quick needed to use his stealth ability to get the evidence to prove themselves innocent. Additional Backstory will be provided if the RP needs it.


Other: He is Outstanding in speed and stealth but alas, he is horrible at physical strength. He will usually fight with combos and the with the help of teammates. He is great in stealth missions. (If Pinkie is in the RP, Sneak Quick will usually be shown having on a crush on her but usually nothing too serious unless some pony else likes her.)

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