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Non-Pony Goldenpaw


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Character Name: Goldenpaw


Character Age: 7 months


Gender: Female


Alliance: Thunderclan



Rank: Apprentice


Appearance (6 or more sentences):Goldenpaw has a light golden coat and a white underbelly, all of her paws are white except for one, her coat is striped with darker shades of orange, her tail is ringed and at the very is white. Her colors are day-like, and are very good to represent her, her eyes are a bright tone of green. She isn't very heavy, which helps her, for extra speed and agility, she's also shorter than the others but she doesn't feel bad for that.


Personality (6 or more sentences):

She loves the day, and to hunt, she's very friendly and hyperactive and is always glad to make new friends, however, she's not as great during night as she is during the day, her best strength is her speed and agility, she's very fast and can make a quick escape when needed, is also good for striking the enemy, her agility come in handy when she's in a fight, she can dodge claws without much effort, but her weakest points are that she's not a good climber and she isn't as strong as others, and she can be injured easily, she trust others a bit too much and gets tricked oftenly.


History (8 or more sentences):

Goldenpaw has a history in getting into trouble, she's doesn't think before doing something, when she just a few months old she wen't into the forest chasing after a rabbit and ran into an older cat who took her back, and got in trouble, she's sometimes trying to act brave, and that also gets her in trouble, she's not a good climber and she learned that the hard way, she'll stand up for her friends and will remain loyal to them.

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