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FORUM GAME: Ruin a Wish


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I come from the Wabears fandom, where Forum Games are a staple of life.

So I'll start with one of the simplest ones out there:


Ruin A Wish


First, someone posts what they wish for. For example:

First person: I wish for a cake.

Then the person that posts after them ruins the previous wish, and does their own.



The cake falls from the sky and hits you in the face!!11


I wish for a new chicken.


(colors not needed)

The cycle then continues, theoretically, forever. Only one post per day please.


I will start:

I wish for a T.A.R.D.I.S.

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It's the lever off of a slot machine.


I wish I could get past my writer's block.

You walk right through your favorite author's neighborhood.


I want to be a certified Java expert. (This one should be easy.)

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Granted, but they are all loaded dice and thus illegal in games.


I wish for a small robotic chicken that can shoot lazers from it's eyes.



your new robot chicken melts your car and burns your house down along with setting you on fire ..before setting out on its ramage thru town..sadly youve allready told everyone it was yours


i wish my mother was no longer dissabled(dont worry i can take a joke :P)

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Granted but now that she is able to get out more she wants to go everywhere & see the world. During a trip to Australia your dad encountered some dangerous animals & now he has a leg & a few fingers missing. (A friend of mine has a mother who is disabled & when she was with me was the only time she could actually go out & do stuff. I know how it can get, she wants to do EVERYTHING when we are together.)


I wish it wouldn't rain in Beaverton (trying to be specific) today so that my friend & I can enjoy our nature walk.

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rain..oregon...beaverton at that...dashie leans over looks at me and trots off to clear your skys..but derpy taged along and dropped snow on you instead LOL(lets face it..its the pacific north WET it could happen)


(your not far from me being im in tigard)...so you hurt my dad who i have no idea where he lives or who with now :P ..LOL good ....as for her wanting to go EVERYWHERE..yeah i do ALOT of lifting so she can go everywhere...so you didnt ruin anything for me LOL


hmm a wish...uhhh...

that my fiance would move CLOSER(not that i mind the ferry ride and boarder crossings)

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Your fiancee is now symbiotically attached to you.


(As an aside note, wasn't the original limitation that each poster could only ruin one wish per day? Or has that limit been waived? :| )


I wish for a movie about my life.

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A movie is made! Critics and fans alike say its like the 2003 movie "The Room" but more painful to watch... its titled as a tragic comedy.


I wish to spend more time with my friends.

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Granted! You are now spending every single day, every single second with them! Why? Because you are all now chained together. Good luck in the bathroom.


(I figured the one day limit was still on. I waited until today to ruin a wish.)


I wish that the bonus room in my house was clean.

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Enjoy the permanent smell of bleach and lack of paint on the walls.


I wish my cat wasn't evil.


your cat has become garfield..and rapid rats are terrorizing your house and making off with your ponys!


i wish we could do this more than once a day(as i didnt notice the rule)

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