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  1. I have quite an addiction to Energy Drinks. I absolutley love them. the 3rd Wednesday of every month I treat myself to a big energy drink I love Redbull, Monster, Amp (Mountain Dew), Rockstar and the Rockstar coffee drinks I can't go too long without caffeine.
  2. Dear Princess Celestia, Throughout my years of watching your students I have learned quite a bit. First I have learned it's ok to ask for help, you dont need to be afraid to do it just ask for it. And it's nothing to feel ashamed about. I've also learned friendship is a two way relationship, it takes two people to make it work. Also it's quite rewarding making others happy before yourself. The Elements of Harmony also are what make a friendship work, once you have all the elements together the possibilities are endless! Also looking on the bright side of things is much better then always looking at the negative side of things. Helping friends is also quite rewarding, along with being generous to others by sharing your knowledge on something you excel at (Such as Rarity's dress making. she was willing to make dresses for all her friends), Taking on more than you can handle is not good at all...And finally always encouraging and being their for your friends is the most important thing i've learned. Your students have made me a better person all around. And to never give up on life, when life gets tough if you have friends to help you through it, your gonna be ok at the end. Your faithful student, MissFlawlessRarity
  3. I hate Family Guy and think it sucks but LOVE American Dad Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are 2 of my top favorite ponies.. Sweetie Belle's voice sounds like Rini's/Mini Moon's from Sailor Moon I LOVE Sailor Moon but didnt LOVE the series ending. Deerling is a very underappreciated/under-loved Pokemon. In fact Deerling is one of my absolute favorite Pokemon.
  4. I adore this episode....I love the bond between Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armour. There love is so beautiful I couldn't help but shed a few tears. They are probably my 2nd favourite couple on the show...I really admire their love for eachother and how powerful and magical it is, it's just so beautiful to me. I really loved the songs and I watch this one alot. My favourite song from this episode is This Day (The Cadance and Changeling Cadance version) and BBBFF
  5. At the moment it's A True True Friend (it's my ringtone) and This Day ((Cadance & Changling Cadance version)),Find a Way and Fluttershy's Song ((The song where shes in the forest before she gets her cutie mark))....I love all the songs from the show but those are the ones I listen to the most. I have them all on my ipod so I listen to them ALL THE TIME!
  6. yes! I love shipping! it's so much fun! I will ship just about any couple. I find beauty in all couples, I love ponyxpony shippings. I really love Raripie and Flutterdash.
  7. Do you live a double life, as a brony? No. I'm a very open person. Do you regret having a second life? I can't answer this one. If you could, would you go back in time and stop the moment you found out about MLP? Not at all..it's helped me alot, with all the daily stress in my life it's such a great escape and amazing/wonderful thing for me to LOVE. Did it take a person to convince you to tell other people that you're a brony? I can't answer this one either. How hard was it to tell the first person that you're a brony? Not hard at all..my mom and I are really close and I tell her everything, she thinks it's kinda weird but supports it. Did certain people start losing respect for you or started to dislike you more than they usually do? My Dad , he wasn't very nice about it the first time I watched it one afternoon.... But honestly I dont care...It makes me happy so why should it matter? In review, would you say being a brony was a positive experience for you? What benefits were placed for you to join? What are the disadvantages set for you? Yes, Deffinatley, What the MLP fandom stands for as a whole and how the community is such as this forum, it's the BEST mlp forum on the internet. I feel so welcome and like I belong. It's the first time i've felt like that in a fandom.
  8. MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE I am so excited for the new season and really hope that it's just as good as Seasons 1-3. I am hoping they bring back Trixie and have more CMC episodes and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon episodes.
  9. South Park, I have never been one to be a BIG fan of Cartman and up until the most recent season (16) it's all about him...there are other great characters that need to be shown and have an episode about them. They totally disregarded Stan x Wendy and Mint Berry Crunch's return....I could go on and on..I used to be obsessed with SP but I did NOT like season 16 with exception for 1 or 2 episodes.... Spongebob Squarepants, need I say more? Phineas and Ferb, it's lost it's charm for me....I still LOVE perry the platypus though. Ben 10, it's getting too crazy and too involved for me. I LOVE the original Ben 10 but not the new ones... That's all I can think of for now.
  10. I was always placed in SPED classes as a kid throughout all my years of school (even high school), I had/have a learning disability, SLD is what it's called, and I have horrid math skills, and problems with reading,I'm "slow", and I could learn all there is in a class/subject and fail a test completely regardless of me having an A all semester/term. I like to think i'm smart but honestly i'm not. I live/d in states where you are REQUIRED to pass a state test and if you did not pass you were put into classes where they gave you extra help and skills to pass the tests...I was always in those classes and was only able to take 1 elective/special (i'm orignally from Massachusetts and we called it the MCAS and in Florida where I currently live it's the FCAT) and if you dont you do not get to graduate High School. I never passed the MCAS/FCAT tests and because I have a learning disability I was able to graduate because I had a counceler who helped me with class work and stuff and I got a waiver from the state saying I can graduate because I have good grades and i'm a good student all around. I got to graduate and get a diploma by the skin of my teeth. I took school very seriously, I was very good at Computer class/Photoshop Class and English. I was never good at anything else in school besides those two subjects. I did graduate with a 3.4 GPA but I always had A's and occasionally a few B's in High School.When it comes to common sense i'm NOT the greatest either.....I get told i'm smart by people I know and my BF especially but to answer your question I do not think im smart at all...I'll admit it. I know i'll get some hate but it's the truth, i'm not downing on myself i'm being honest...
  11. I hate Justin Bieber, I think he's totally 100% over-rated and she's SUCH a jerk, disrespectful etc. I hated the movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler..It did NOTHING for me. I LOVE Diamond Tiara I hate the Twilight Saga...I liked the books before everyone else started going crazy over it and then I stopped liking it. I dont like/dislike Adventure Time. I think it's ok, NOT the best i've ever seen. I dont understand the popularity with the Avatar movie (blue people one xD) Avatar The Last Airbender is Nickelodens BEST series I HATED Inception and could NOT understand it one bit. I HATE the new seasons of South Park...There just so awful...except season 15. I LOVED The Amazing Spiderman
  12. My BF lives in the UK Funny you bring up Britian. lol. I am American as well but he's gotten me into the habit of saying/typing words like he does like Mum and Colour xD lol. I love Derpy too
  13. A bottle of Nail Polish because I have a passion for doing nail art and for nail polish and maybe lots of sparkles around it because I LOVE glitter/sparkles, and something having to do with Photoshop because my other passion is Photoshop.
  14. lol I know it's so hard for me to only have one favorite! and I've been part of the herd since 2010 and I'm currently unemployed, I take care of my disabled Dad,I live with my parents still.
  15. I totally agree with you. I thought the whole Princess Twilight was rushed at the end but I really enjoyed the concept. I always thought since day 1 this would happen. I do wish though that there would be a episode about how Princess Cadance became an Alicorn like her coronation ceremony etc..I would have loved to see the ponies with there mixed up cutie marks for longer..But I deffinatley think MMC was a bit rushed and I think that the songs were perfection. I cried alot and I think that says something. But those are my opinions.