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  1. Howdy! M'ah hoove a barking :3

  2. It's fine y'all to see me human. (well, maybe...) But I why in the hay will they do it ? Souds interesting ah'm not sure if a'll watch ... Sounds kinda creepy too
  3. Team Leader: Me, Applejack Fighter: Rarity (LOl but she can fight too...) Weaponry: Doctor whooves... I think he also have dangerous medical supplie Smart Flank: Twilight Sparkle Doctor: Fluttershy Speed Fighter: Rainbow Dash MLP Forums: ????
  4. Sorry im not here for a while

  5. Sorry im not here for a while

  6. Welcome! Everypony is very happy to see y'all even me. If you have any questions just ask me partner i'm always there to help
  7. I'm bored what are y'all doin' today?

  8. Its a great night to day y'all :)

  9. My Hopes and preditions -More villains -Applejack episodes -More of celestia and Luna -Twilight flying -More 44 min episodes -More Fluttershy's Assertiveness
  10. Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm Applejack Apple I would like to help you in any problems you have! Anyways welcome
  11. Welcome it's nice to see you I hope you find friends And hope you find this site interesting
  12. Howdy new pony I can already tell that we can get along I'm so excited that you decided to join I'm Applejack Apple You can call me Applejack ANyways,Welcome! Today i'm giving you some cider