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  1. Flutterdash.

    Derpy in EG

    I'm pretty sure I saw Derpy at least three times, as mentioned above, (cute gif by the way ^ ). I wanted to scream once I saw her in the credits for the first time just because she looked so adorable even in EQG style! I look forward to seeing her in S4 /).3.(\ Naw, it's just some nerd in a tux and cool shades XD tumblr_mr6g30Xwz51saswrso1_1280.jpg tumblr_mr6g30Xwz51saswrso2_1280.jpg
  2. Okay so let's see.....If I were locked in a room with Rainbow Dash I would kindly ask her to break down the door in the most awesome way possible. That would be so cool XD
  3. Phff! You know that no one should question the one pony who can defy the laws of physics. (SHE'S PSYCHIC!) Well that's just the Pinkie we all know and love .3.
  4. Flutterdash.

    Best Song in EG?

    My fave song in EQG is definitely "Win the Crown" by a longshot. The other songs were good too but really forgettable in my opinion. This might even be the best song in MLP! I absolutely loved the catchy beat and the dancing!! Oh the the dancing....they'd never be able to pull all that off as ponies! It was pretty cute too and I'd even watch the movie again just to listen to it
  5. Hey flutterdash. :)

  6. I object. Appledash is better. :3

  7. Wait, I'm trying to remember last night's dream...... I could of sworn I had ponies in it as always......oh yeah, I was inside the Minecraft world hanging out with the mane six. That's what I get for watching ponies and playing Minecraft eight hours straight.
  8. This seems impossible to occur in a show like MLP but I would mourn for any character that dies especially any one the mane six. And of course, I would probably pass out first.
  9. I decided to go to Hot Topic today and bought myself the the shirt with Spike on it that says " I mustache you a question" I'm so happy right now!! XD
  10. When I started watching the show back in 2012, I did know that Dashie was female, but there are moments where I classify her as a male. Same goes for Applejack. But that's just me
  11. Most Attractive 1. Rarity 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Fluttershy 4. Applejack and Twilight 5. Pinkie Pie Most Humorous 1. Pinkie Pie 2. Rarity 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Twilight 5. Fluttershy 6. Applejack
  12. I completely agree with you. Ponies are best stress relievers XD I don't know how miserable my life would have be if I haven't been introduced to the show and its community. MLP can also be a good drug as as well. I need my daily dose of PONIEZ
  13. Well that depends. I don't like anything chocolate flavored since it doesn't taste like chocolate to me at all unless it is the actual chocolate itself so I go with vanilla for the most part
  14. Seems very suspicious at first but I highly doubt it. Very interesting theory though, I wouldn't have noticed something as bizarre like that lol
  15. It took me about 5 episodes until I got hooked onto the show. I was pretty hesitant because my family would make fun of me for watching MLP. I watched all the episodes in random order and as soon as I got to Winter Wrap Up I got totally obsessed. I can never spend one day without thinking about ponies.
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