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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Pleasant Fetal Transmogrification Day, random Brony!

  4. blazah99

    Game Stop going solo

    Yeah their alright. Been awhile since Ive played one.
  5. blazah99

    Game Stop going solo

    I'm tired of trying to do and learn everything by myself, solo, in an isolated bubble... it hasn't got me very far or motivated to keep going, so Im finally making this post. If theirs someone out there thats interested in learning and making videos games (the art, animation, programming, writing, music, design, etc) and would like to do it as a together thing let me know. Thanks. A little about me: Ive been wanting to make video games for pretty much my whole life, and i kinda have... well nothing that I finished anyways. I have have some programming experience, some art, animation, music
  6. Dang your right! Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised it took the fandom only this long to figure this out. lol
  7. Watched new episode, I didn't think it was that great. Pretty disappointed after such a long wait.

  8. I smoke. Don't start. Its a BITCH to stop and the lingering feeling of 'need it' sticks.
  9. Sounds cool but, do you have 'the voice'? Also, would this be like a weekly or bi weekly podcast and/or like 'Brony Breakdown'(which ended a few months ago)?
  10. Second day of PaxDev!

  11. Ludum Dare game jam starts today so me and a friend from work are gonna partake.

    1. Forward Bias

      Forward Bias

      Game jam? Is that like an art jam, except where you make a new game?

    2. Forward Bias

      Forward Bias

      Nevermind me, yes it is. I kan guugle gud. Good luck with your project!

    3. blazah99


      thanks, gonna need it.

  12. I know a bit about art (some water color) but a friend of mine knows more so I asked them about how to get darker colors to make it gain more depth and I was directed to this, so I'm directing it here to you cuz it looks kinda flat to me. http://gayledowell.hubpages.com/hub/watercolorbackgrounds I know it says background but I think the same applies to the forground unless I missed somethin in the artical.
  13. Vans. Pabst Brewing Co. Rare Studios (pre-Microsoft buyout)
  14. This one is still a project in progress but pony (Wishdream) is making a Dissidia Final Fantasy pony mod all by himself (3D models, textures, animations, physics, hitpoints and damage, etc etc). Its quite amazing to watch him sometimes. You'll should check out his picarto stream sometime.
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