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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. To me, Twilight Sparkle seems like she would be the best at portraying a villian, considering her logical nature and her intelligence, as well as her powerful magic and love of organization makes for an excellent, chessmaster ("Xanatos/Palpatine") type, sociopathic villian. This has already been done in fanfiction, several works have her turn evil.
  4. That was indeed rather dark when you think about it. Disney movies do indeed have a layer of darkness. The hunchback of Notre dame had one of the most twisted villians of any disney movie i have seen! (And I have probably seen them all from before 2009!) Speaking of darkness, Don bluth movies in general seem to be like disney, only even gloomier in general. All dogs go to heaven, Titan A.E, even the land before time had its moments of gloominess. Titan A.E has to be my favorite bluth movie, and if I recall, it was his last as well, before he shuttered his studio. the last one especially, being about the last survivors from earth after the end of the world, and are now drifters out in junky spaceships looking for a home. Another kinda dark show, well in a way, is ed, Edd, n Eddy. When you think about it, hardly anything goes right for the ed boys, they always got stuck in some crazy way, usually done either by the cul-de-sac kids, or the kankers, in their crazy obsession for them . not very dark, but kinda sociopathic humor considering its humor is mostly derived from the misfortune the ed boys get. Courage the Cowardly dog, full stop. so many psychotic creatures, the bangs and courage never could go anywhere without encountering a homicidal lunatic, heck, they couldn't even stay at home without doing the same!
  5. A Trimmer Head for a Husqvarna 223L Weedeater, A 5 piece Set of Pliers, $9.97 (Cheap walmart brand), A Black and Decker Reciprocating Saw, a Precision Screwdriver set $1.97, (Walmart), a throttle Cable for my Honda three wheeler, and a Haynes Manual for 1974-1993 Dodge full-Size Pickups. Video Games wise, 6 more Cartridges for my Atari 2600.
  6. Well, I have Officially Became a Brony in July 2012, between season 2 and Season 3, yet was made aware of it as early as February of that year, through a Furry Imageboard I frequented. Back then, the only "Fandom issue" was the Derpy Voiceover Change, however, there was a strong resentment by members of the Furry Community against Bronies, and there was kinda an "ANTI-MLP" movement on the board. The Bronies seemed nicer and more cohesive then, and I was hearing of the charity work they were doing. There seems to be more toxicity among some brony elements now, and more infighting, well a lot moreso than at the time, incidents were less. Overall, the internet was more vengeful at the Bronies, then again, this was at the height of MLP proliferation, when ponies were popping up practically everywhere.
  7. I would have to go with Fluttershy, i dunno why, really, as they are both adorable!
  8. Approach the looking glass and ask what you will, any question is Ok! Whether related to my OC, or my Real self, ask away, and a response from the other side of the pane will appear!
  9. Currently, Windows 7 Laptop, Toshiba Satellite. Bought it for College work in October 2010, and its still going nearly 7 years later, although slowly at times. Of course, it was a low spec one even then. Eventually, I want to build a nice windows 10 Gaming rig inside the shell of an old 1980s computer. (I have an NOS IBM Clone from 1987 that was never assembled.)
  10. I have collected since I was a young boy, I started in the year 2000 with Hotwheels. My first Hotwheels I collected was all 4 of the "Hot Rod Magazine" edition Cars, I recieved for Christmas from my Grandmother. that Christmas, I looked at that set, and from then on, I decided to start a collection .My dad smiled, and later showed me his own collection. Even my brother Got into it . If we put our collections together, as of now, it would be thousands. I also started on my Video game Console and Vintage Computer Collection as a young age, starting with a Super Nintendo, and going from there. Now, I have many different consoles and computers, spanning from PONG Consoles of the 1970s, and an Apple IIe, to the Xbox 360. This includes a Commodore SX-64, an ultra rare variant of the Commodore 64 in a "Suitcase", so you could use it at work!
  11. I can Kinda see that one, I'm sure Inter-Species Dating would not be much of an issue in Equestria, or anywhere on the Ponies' Home Planet, for that manner, Im sure somewhere there are pony/Griffon, Griffon/Dragon , Pony/Dragon, Buffalo/Pony, Etc. Of course, as long as the pairs have an near-equal level of intelligence among them. with the exception of possibly a few bigots, who would object. Of course, there would be those as well who would not consider themselves dating a different species due to a lack of attraction, but they would most likely support or tolerate your decision anyways, even if they cant see why you find the attraction . However, I can see how such a relationship would be harder on Earth, as we do not exist amongst other Sapient creatures. and the idea of a Human/Extraterrestrial Relationship would definitely take some time to get used to, for both sides, but moreso for humans. In that scenario, I would most likely spend more time in Equestria. a Sapient pony as a pet? I think people might get the wrong idea, unless, thats what you were going for..... either way, consent is a must.
  12. Ok, random episode idea, Pinkie meets a ventriloquist at a comedy club named "Split Sides", (Voiced by Jeff Dunham!) and gets upstaged.

  13. Lets see, the first thing that truly terrified me. I was 9 years old, and I discovered a book collection my dad had (Not THAT kind!), called "Mysteries of the Unknown" by Time life books. The books each detailed theories and legends surrounding many paranormal events and activities, from Extraterrestrials and ghosts, to BigFoot and other such Monsters, to mysterious places of legend like Atlantis, and even the various creation lores, and discussion of the afterlife. The Paranormal sciences fascinated me, and I dove in to those books! Well, when I reached Book #20 in the collection, (Search for the Soul), which talks about the nature of the human soul, the search for God, as well as how various cultures both past and present interpret the nature of death and the afterlife, (Keep in mind too, I was very familiar with the Holy Bible, and knew of its words on heaven) I got scared, like really terrified. The gears in my head started turning, and I was starting to wonder, what really happens after we die, and I realized, we really don't know for sure, and that fact scared me so much, i threw the book down and started crying. for the next 2 weeks or so, I couldn't sleep, I was eating much less, I cried alot, it was awful! I was depressed for 2 weeks. occaisionally, I still get those doubts and questions swirl in my head from time to time, and when it happens, i still lose sleep, and I get a tightness in my chest! I know death is an inevitability, and can't be stopped, but the uncertainty gets to me sometimes. 9 years old, and I suffered my first existential crisis. I never finished that book until last year, but mostly because the books were packed away, and my father recently gave them to me . so, you found that out 3 years before I did! You witnessed a murder at 10? _o: man, that's seriously messed up! something like that would terrify someone at any age! I can't imagine how terrifying that would be to a kid!
  14. yep, that, and I don't see how something like that would be able to get past the censors. Sure, Henson somehow got past it, (Notice the shirt wasn't lifted, no boob exposed), and as far as the rugrats, that was the 1990s, and that show was really meant for kids older than 8, plus, Nickelodeon and Viacom (nick's parent corp), did not have the smartest or most well-aware editors at the time, heck, look at Ren and Stimpy! They only got wise when John Kricfaluski (Who created Ren and Stimpy) put a scene in Ren and Stimpy where Ren straight-up murders a man on-Screen by beating him to death with a boat oar! After that, Every Nick show was revised and censored! Im sure Hasbro is a bit more alert when it comes to "Getting Crap past the Radar, and a breastfeeding foal isn't exactly stealthy . Now, yes, its not sexual in the least, and personally, it would not phase me (breastfeeding in public does not bother me anyways) , however, I don't know how most kids or parents would react, especially when you consider where the breasts of a pony would be (as many artists have "Helpfully" shown us!) In short, giving ponies visible breasts, and having a foal nurse, especially considering where they would be, may go over like a lead balloon with some kids and parents, especially when we got oversensitive idiot parents who claim their kids Hatchimals are saying "F**** me!"