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  1. LittleMissBloo


    umm here's my demo reel....I'll do my best for any female parts you might need. If you still need them that is....
  2. Here's my demo reel if you need a female VA.
  3. Is this still going on? I'd love to join! Here's my demo reel.
  4. LittleMissBloo

    Party Your Hearts and Hooves Out

    Hearts and Hooves day party was a blast. Friend got drunk for the first time and decided to cuddle so I drew a picture.
  5. LittleMissBloo

    A Derpy Hearts and Hooves Day Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony! Have a little something I did for the occasion~
  6. My friend and I want to do a vlog as Derpy and Doctor Whooves. We would like to gather some questions to answer, or funny things to do in character. Ideas please? Derpy: Dr Whooves:
  7. Welp, it's regrettable that you're only looking for male voices. If some female rolls come up at some point, lemme know.
  8. LittleMissBloo

    Apple Bloom voice actress needed

    Emails are wonderful. Ready and waiting.
  9. LittleMissBloo

    Apple Bloom voice actress needed

    Alrighty, t'was indeed redundant what with email and all. Would you like me to redo all of the lines or merely separate the ones I gave you into separate tracks?
  10. Here have some cleaner less room echoy lines. Objection!.wav
  11. LittleMissBloo

    Applejack's Harvest (an MLP Musical number... hopefully) here have an applejack thingy thing
  12. LittleMissBloo

    Apple Bloom voice actress needed

    Alrighty mine has been sent! You should post a link here when the project is done!
  13. LittleMissBloo

    Applejack's Harvest (an MLP Musical number... hopefully)

    I can help you sing the lyrics? Dunno about writing them?
  14. LittleMissBloo

    Bats (cover) - Bloo

    So I covered the latest pony song! I was trying for electro swing, but it came out too slow. Oh well, there's always next time.