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  1. Yes! I didn't hate them though, I thought they were all weird cloppers, but I gave the show a chance and liked it, and it turns out the whole fandom isn't just cloppers.
  2. I saw one hater claim that bronies were all gay people.
  3. Don't mean to be rude, but I don't really like the art style, nor the hair cut.
  4. Rarity and Fluttershy. I disliked rarity ever since I became a brony. She's just... I don't know why, but my least favorite. Fluttershy, I liked in the beginning but still didn't like THAT much, she's to shy. Rainbow dash is my favorite! My least favorite is OBVIOUSLY rarity.
  5. Those two episodes were the 2 that got me into mlp friendship is magic! I'll tell the story of how I became a brony, as well. I was playing COD Black ops 2 on xbox live, someone had a MLP emblem and started talking about it, I said I disliked that show, they said have you even watched it, and I hadn't watched it. So, then, I went on Netflix and watched MLP:Friendship is magic, and became a brony!
  6. It was a bad movie in my opinion. It seemed like they tried to make mlp all human and it was bad. Spike was awesome a dog, though.
  7. My profile is 20 percent cooler.

  8. Exactly. People don't like it, most of which haven't even watched it. And they think "oh all bronies must be weirdos!!!!" even though there are some weird bronies, but a lot of them are just normal people liking a show. People simply can't accept people for who they are.
  9. Alright. If they remove it from Netflix, do they have mlp season 1-3 on DVD?
  10. Not really. I'm a newer brony, and I am barely open about it. I'll tell people I know on online games, or on xbox, but I don't tell people in real life. I'm sure I'll tell someone irl eventually.
  11. I don't have Xfinity or centurylink, but I really wanna see season four of MLP Fim. When will it appear on Netflix? It's not there yet. I know it's after the season ends, but I am pretty sure adventure time-season 2 ended, and I haven't seen season 2 on Netflix, either. How long does Netflix usually take to upload a new season after it ends? Really wanna see season 4!!!
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