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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'm looking for a dark/ beytral roleplay for my changeling OC Lady. Something to keep me on my toes when replying, something with suspense and mystery in it. Maybe a dash of horror? I don't have much ideas but if others do then please message me or post here. I can do groups or 1x1s I just need something for my gritty role-playing fix.
  3. Wow I've been gone for so long. ;-;

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    2. Lady


      Thanks a lot for the welcome back! ;0;

    3. Scribblegroove


      I remember you! Roleplaying with Torrent505 back in the day :P

    4. Lady


      Me too Scribble! 

  4. I draw a lot on my drawing tablet...I'm slowly getting better. Unsure if I should ask for money commissions yet. >W< I use Sai...for everything. Sai is love and sai is life. Oh, and I accept digital art trades! PM me if you're interested. I currently do commissions for points on DA, go check it out please. I need my custom cow plant pony. <3 I finished this one today.^
  5. I actually am busy. I'm currently trying to finish various art requests/art trades. I'll be back on Friday or try to post somewhere within the week.
  6. Art shop is open again guys! If you want a request go get one!

  7. I guess you completely forgot about the RP we're doing...

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    2. Lady


      I'm actually getting started on these art requests.

      I have 3 more slots if your interested. I don't have time to RP right now.

    3. Courageous Thunder Dash

      Courageous Thunder Dash

      Okay, I would like to take a slot.

    4. Lady


      Then goooo to the art shop!

  8. Lady, can I do a request? I need to wait a bit more to post, 'cause I'm with warning here.

    1. Lady
    2. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      Alright, so, can you do a drawing of Unknown?

      Here's a picture of him:



      You can do anything, any pose. Feel free c:

  9. Honestly, you don't have to see like EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Doctor Who is officially a few years older then colored television. I usually just watch 10 episodes from each doctor to get me catch up.
  10. ...we are best friends now, ok? Good. Srly though. I love you now for saying that. Did you watch any of the classic series as well??
  11. I'm honestly loving the fact he talks to his own brush. Oh, and whenever I read Topaz's posts I imagined him with the master's voice to add suspense. (The blond guy with the hoodie)
  12. @@Torrent505, Lady simply raised a brow. "Feathered fiends you say?" She questioned him with a slight anger in the tone of her voice. It was obvious that he didn't appreciate his advice. A queen changeling like her going to take orders from a pony? Never going to happen, she is superior compared to him. By the way he talks to her, he should know as well. Once she finished her wine she placed the glass in her hooves. "You do underestimate me. I hope you understand that you're in the spiders nest." She told him in a very bold tone of voice as she got up from her place on the bed. "Now I sugg
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