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    But aside from that, Homestuck and Doctor Who.

  2. WOW FLARE!!!! I didn't think you were that good! I loved your drawing of Gummy too! (don't know if that's on the forums yet...) Keep up the good work!
  3. Ah The legend of Zelda. An epic and pioneering gaming series. I am not ashamed to call myself an avid fanboy of the Zelda series. And for good reason, Zelda games are considered to be the best ever made! So, lets discuss all things Zelda! Your favourite Zelda Your favourite song (youtube link would be nice) Your favourite moment, characters, lines, items etc. the list goes on! To start us off, I have recently been in possession of Skyward Sword the latest in the series. So far it's pretty good, and the controls don't seem all that bad. Skyward Sword has been copping it on vie
  4. I won't be very active over the next couple weeks. Why? Well, two words: SKYWARD SWORD. That game is amazing so far! I love this game so much! EEEP FANBOY SQUEEEEEEL!!!

  6. Mare of Night

    Movies/TV Doctor Who General

    Well well everypony, what an exciting Christmas special of Doctor Who! With some excellent and hilarious moments, this is what Doctor Who is all about! Matt Smith delivered an excellent performance, as did the other characters as well. Of course there are so many things about Steven Moffat's horrendous writing (i.e. organic material in the time vortex and blah blah nerd stuff) but, in Christmas spirit, I decided to not hate Steven as much. What did you all think of this episode? Best Christmas ever? Anyway, I'm sure you're all pumped for a new season of Doctor Who. For all you New Who's ou
  7. Mare of Night

    Mega Thread Your Favorite Episode?

    I love Hearth's Warming Eve, as all the ponies have a part to play, and it delves into the history of Equestria. Fascinating stuff!
  8. Mare of Night

    Movies/TV Doctor Who General

    Well, in fact, there are many who already know what this latest episode entails! Here is a link to the synopsis and some tantalising shots! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas and the latest episode of Doctor Who. Merry Christmas everypony! By the way, why don't you ask for some Doctor Who related products for Christmas? If you get anything cool or interesting, make sure to talk about it! The link:http://sciencefiction.com/2011/11/25/doctor-who-christmas-special-photos-and-official-synopsis-released/
  9. Probs Luna. Because she's the only character that reminds me of myself. Not that I'm an eldritch God or anything... But because I feel really awkward trying to conform to society.
  10. I especially love Fallout:Equestria. They're even making a visual novel adaptation of it! FAN SQUEAL.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urnUYQt-9bc All...The...Time...
  12. I changed my name guys! Thought I needed something a little more pony-related. Also I'll be getting a new avatar soon as well! Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Ezynell


      Wait, who were you before?

    2. Mare of Night

      Mare of Night

      Yeah, I wasn't all that active before. I'm being a NEW PERSON NOW! I was Wolfonomic before BTW.

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